Z E N D A  M A G A Z I N E
[renamed Zinda Magazine in 1999]
Volume I                      Issue 1                      February 6, 1995

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A Weekly Online Newsletter Serving the Assyrian Communities Around the World

S        P       L       A       S       H

Finally, it's here:  the first issue of Zenda.  We are now prepared to ride the
waves of the Internet from one corner of the globe to another and spread the
gospel of the new Assyrianism.  More about this in our future issues.  For now let's enjoy
the birth of a new era-- the children of the ancient Mesopotamians who wrote on
the clay tablets are communicating via electronic mail.  Soon, Zenda will become
the most effective medium for the informal exchange of ideas and news among the
students, professionals, and the intellectuals of a new Assyrian society.  No
material received is ever edited and all opinions are published without any
censorship.  Currently, the subscribers to Zenda include students and
professionals from several universities and corporations in six European and
North American countries.  And this is just the beginning.  So get out your
electronic boogie board and start riding the intellectual wave of the new
Assyrian nationalism.

NeWs DiGeSt

Greek archeologists claim they have discovered Alexander the Great's tomb in the

Western Desert of Egypt.  The finding has not been confirmed yet.  Alexander,
son of Philip II of Macedon, was born in 356 B.C.  He defeated the Persian king
Darius in 333, conquered Tyre, Thebes, Jerusalem, Babylon, Susa, and Persepolis
in 330 B.C.  He died in Babylon in 323 B.C.  His vast empire was partitioned
among his generals.

Assyrian Church of the East-   Mar Aprim Khamis has been assigned to the Diocese
of the Western U.S., replacing Mar Bawai Soro.  Mar Aprim was the Bishop of the
Diocese of the Eastern U.S. and Canada.  Mar Bawai is currently the Secretary
General of the Inter-Church Relations.

Nineveh Magazine:  Vol. 17, No 4 -  A "common christological declaration"
between the Roman Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East was signed
in November 1994.  It states that "...Jesus Christ is true God and true Man...
His divinity and humanity are united in one person, without confusion or change,
without division or separation."  The new "declaration"  has resolved the
theological misunderstanding that had separated the  two Christian churches for
over 1500 years.

The second meeting of the National Executive Committee of the Assyrian American
National Federation  for 1994-95 was hosted by the Assyrian Association of New
Britain, Connecticut, on Saturday, February 4, 1995.  The meeting was held at
the Assyrian Community Center, New Britain, Connecticut, USA.   The minutes and
action items of this meeting will be presented in the future issues of Zenda.

At the first meeting of the National Executive Committee the Assyrian American
Civic Club of Turlock was declared the host affiliate of the 1996 National

The United Youth Groups of Canada are preparing for the 6745 Kha B'Nissan
celebrations.  The program will include 12 days of cultural, educational, and
athletic activities to include:

Arts & Handicraft Exhibitions (Assyrian artists residing outside of Canada are welcome)
    Performing Arts
        Dance Groups
        Musical Groups, Vocalists
    Assyrian Fashion Show
    Academic and Talent Contests
        Essay Writing
        Book Report
        Academic Achievements
        Professional Achievements
    Athletic Competitions
    Culinary Delights
                                            ...and more

Financial assistance to any group for materials, costumes, and a place for
rehearsals will be provided.  For more information contact Firas Jatou at

The elections for the Executive Committee of the Assyrian American Association
of San Jose was held on January 27, 1995.  The results are as follow:

President:          Alphons Odisho
Vice-President:     Carlo Ganjeh
Treasurer:          Robert Ushana
Secretary:          Dorina Golpashin

Alphons Odisho was the former vice-president of the Association and Carlo Ganjeh is currently also the President of the Assyrian United Organizations of California (AUOC) and the Regional Director of the Assyrian American National
Federation, Western Region.

The 1995-96 Scholarship Applications of the Assyrian American National Federation are now available.  For more information contact:

AANF Education Committee
P.O. Box 20278
San Jose, CA 95160
Att:  Wilfred Alkhas
(408) 268-8000 or  walkhas@qntm.com

Comments?  Suggestions?  Write to Zenda at walkhas@qntm.com and let us know
about your community's activities.  The materials published in Zenda are not
edited and your stories and articles will be published as received.

Would your friends like to receive their own copy of Zenda via email?  Send us
their address.

The next issue of ZENDA will be sent to you on February 20, 1995 unless directed