Z E N D A  M A G A Z I N E
[renamed Zinda Magazine in 1999]

Volume II                       Issue 14                      May 6, 1996

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A Weekly Online Newsletter Serving the Assyrian Communities Around the World

                    THE   L   I   G   H   T   H   O   U   S   E

                                   March 28-30, 1996

The Assyrian Universal Alliance is known and respected
as the most prominent voice of the stateless Assyrian
people of the world.  The AUA is constantly telling
the story of the plight of Assyrians and working
diligently to help them.  We must continue to tell
the world who we are and what we want.  We cannot
afford to let up for a moment.  That is what the AUA
has pledged to do and that is what the AUA is doing.
The AUA invited all fellow Assyrians in every capacity,
poor or rich, old or young, educated or illiterate,
to join in a new effort with a challege for a New
Awakening to our forgotten nationlist obligations-
not only for the future generation of Assyrians, but
also to preserve our sacred heritage and honorable
past.  Be assured that the AUA leadership strongly
believes in the principles for which it was created
and will spare no effort towards creating an
atmosphere of understanding among all our political
and social entities.

On March 28, Former Senator John J. Nimrod, Secretary
General of AUA, gave the opening remarks to the AUA
delegates in the Van Dyke Park Hotel and Conference
Center in Detroit, Michigan.  A resolution to commence
the Congress was made and with Rev. Benjamin Benjamin's
invocation and the pledges of allegiance to the flags
of United States and the Assyrian nation the official
business of the Congress began.  Sam Andrews, a former
Secretary General and chairman of the Board of Advisor
from Midwestern branch was elected to chair the daily
conduct of the 20th Congress and Mr. Anthony t. Nasseri
of San Jose, California was elected as the Secretary
of the 20th Congress. Delegates from the United States,
Canada, Europe (Mr. Preidoun Darmo), Australia
(Mr. Shahin), Iran (Mr. Yonathan Bet-Kolia), and
Latin America (Mr. Aprim Warda) were then introduced.

Among the reports of the Standing Committees read
two deserve greater consideration.  Mr. Bet-Kolia
discussed the current social and political life of
the Assyrians in Iran and Mr. John Nimrod emphasized
AUA's goals and internatinal efforts in bringing
greater respect and recognition for the Assyrians
around the world.  He noted that to accomplish this
objective tireless efforts have been made to contact
U.S. State Department by countless visits, the United
Nation, the government heads of the states of Canada,
Australia, Russia, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.
Mr. Nimrod commented that "the AUA has also made a
very favorable impact on most of the international
voluntary humanitarian agencies of the world.

The suffering and outcry of our people in the Middle
East and Russia should be the cause to awaken us to
our nationalistic duty which is a call for action.
Action for revival of our sacred heritage and
assist our destitute people which live in a state
of despondency and despair.  Let us get away from
individuality and combine our efforts towards our
struggle for survival.

Anthony Nasseri
A Member of the AUA Board of Advisors
Western Region- U.S.
  G O O D   M O R N I N G   B E T - N A H R A I N

No New Information and News was Received During the
Week of April 29.

                  S U R F S  U P !
"On April 25, 1996, I submitted a news item reporting
on the fatal shooting of Sleiman, Hallak, a beloved
figure in the Chaldean community of San Diego. Mr.
Hallak was always proud to introduce himself to
Americans as a Chaldean, and he instilled this same
pride in his family. I prepared this brief report
at the request of Zenda. Out of respect Mr. Hallak's
personal conviction, the report specifically identified
him as a Chaldean. I was sorry to see in the April 29,
1996, issue of Zenda, which was recently called to my
attention, that Mr. Sleiman is denied his claimed
identity, and instead he has been identified as an
"Assyrian-Chaldean".  The issue of sorting out our
identities is a complex one, and by no means finally
resolved. However, I believe that each of us has the
fundamental right to call ourselves what we choose.
Throughout his life, Mr. Hallak steadfastly maintained
his association with the identity "Chaldean", and at no
time did he accept the description "Assyrian-Chaldean".
I am sure that many Assyrians would be extremely resentful
if they were identified as "Arab-Assyrian", or
"Kurdish-Assyrian", unless it was by their own choice.
Thank you for extending greater respect to individuals
and their opinion as to their ethnic identity. No one
obliges Zenda to report on any news event or tragedy.
When Zenda chooses to report a death, it should not
supplant its notions of ethnicity without regard to
the lifelong views of the decedent and his family.
Thank you for your consideration."

Vivian Hammi
San Diego

[ZENDA wishes to thank Ms. Hammi for her assistance in
reporting the tragic death of Mr. Sleiman Hallak, a
Chaldean business owner who with his family lived in
the San Diego, California area.  ZENDA also extends its
sympathies to Mr. Hallak's family and Chaldean friends.]


"My Name is Samson Badal and I truly enjoy your electronic
newsletter. You guys deserve a tremendous pat on the back.
BASMAGANOKHON!!!  However, I would like to solicite your
help in obtaining the E-Mail addresses for all Assyrian
nationwide. If you can provide me with this info or perhaps
a source where I can obtain the list I would be most
appreciative.  The purpose of my request is to help all and
every Assyrian there is on the face of this earth, and to
offer them an opportunity of lifetime.  Your cooperation
and assitance in this matter is appreciated."

Samson Badal

[It is our policy not to share our readers' email address
and personal information with other readers.  We wish to
maintain your privacy and leave the choice up to you
on whether this information could be related to others.
On the other hand, we would like to bring to your attention
an extensive database of Assyrians on the net through the
web sites Assyria Online in Canada and the Assyrian
Server in Sweden.  Your enthusiasm is praiseworthy.]


"...I was also wondering whether you are aware that
Bet-Nahrain now has its own television station in our
area? Channel 23 "AssyriaVision" covers several cities
which include Modesto, Turlock, and Ceres.  The station
began "airing" its programs on April 15, 1996.  If you
are interested I could mail you more information in the
future. Keep up the great work."

Frank V. Chamaki

[AssyriaVision and the Bet-Nahrain Inc are among ZENDA
subscribers and Mr. Ninos Bebla, director of the
AssyriaVision TV program, has kindly agreed to submit
an article on the current programming and the future
activities of Channel 23 TV station.]


"Every once in a while I must say thank you for the
wonderful work you are doing. Mr. Matt O'Hara was very
proud of having part of his essay reproduced by you in
Zenda. He will write to you soon. Best wishes to you
and keep up the good work.

Robert W. Dekelaita
Chicago, Illinois

[Mr. Dekelaita is the editor of Nabu Quarterly magazine,
an example of fine Assyrian journalism.  To subscribe:
PO Box 59422  Chicago, IL. 60659  (847) 298-3037 ]

                                S U R F E R S   C O R N E R

On May 25 eBabylon and the Assyrian Community Networking
Group will be holding the second meeting of the Assyrians
on the Internet, sponsored by the Assyrian United
Organizations of California. At this years conference
ZENDA Newsletter will be presenting a lecture on the
use of the internet and intelligent technology among
the Assyrian communities around the world and the
development of an Assyrian News Agency at the Assyrian
State Convention in San Jose, Califonria. ZENDA readers
are invited to attend this important gathering of
Assyrian computer scientists, engineers, internet
surfers, and email users.  For more information
contact Christoph Aktas at chrisa@clipper.robadome.com .

                                      N E W S    D I G E S T

                  ARREST IN IRAN

(ZN: Tehran)  According to Iran's official newsgency,
20 Iranians were arrested for looting ancient ruins
in the Elam region.  A 2200-years-old sword and several
other artifacts were confiscated.  If convicted all
looters will be executed according to that countries
death penalty law.  The province of Elam was the
birthplace of the Elamite civilization which existed
from second millenium B.C. until the rise of the Persian
Achamenid dynesty when all Near Eastern powers including
the Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian (Chaldean) kingdoms were


(ZN: San Jose)  Mr. Yonatan Bet-Kolia, president of
the Assyrian Central Committee (Motva) in Tehran-Iran,
was the guest of the Assyrian American Association
of San Jose.  Mr. Bet-Kolia addressed the members of
AAA of San Jose during a social gathering on April
28 and discussed the condition of the Assyrian
communities in Iran.  Mr. George Zia, a former
president of the AAA of San Jose, donated a substantial
amount of money to finance the education of an
Assyrian university student in Iran ,unable to
complete her education for lack of financial support.
Mr. Bet-Kolia will visit other Assyrian organizations
in the United States.  According to unconfirmed
statistics, over 200,000 Assyrians have emigrated to
Europe, the U.S., and Australia since 1979.  Today,
there remain less than 20,000 Assyrians in Tehran and
the Urmie region, where Assyrian communities have been
flourishing since 850 B.C.


(ZN: San Jose)  From Friday, May 24 through Monday, May 27
the Assyrian American Association of San Jose will sponsor
Assyrian United Organizations of California's annual State
Convention.  The event is expected to draw over 2500
Assyrians from California to Fairmont Hotel in downtown
San Jose.  Among the noteworthy events scheduled at this
convention are the historic gathering of the three
Assyrian Churches (Chaldean Catholic, Church of the East,
and Evangelical) at St. Joseph's Cathedral, the Assyrian
Community Networking Conference, Sunday Night's Dinner
Banquet where the Assyrian Representative of Congress Anna
Eshoo will speak as a guest of honor, and the quarterly
meetings of the Assyrian American National Federation.
Nightly entertainment will be provided by Julianna Hamza,
Robin Hawil, Ashur Bet-Sargis, Ogin, Walter Aziz, and
Nights of Babylon DJ's.  For hotel reservations contact
Fairmont Hotel at 1-800-527-4727 (ask for the special
convention rate: $89.00).  For tickets to all activities
and general information call 1-800-861-3122.  The following
is a brief overview of the events scheduled during the

Friday    May 24   8:00 pm -  2:00 am   Dance Party        $20.00
Saturday  May 25  10:00 am -  5:00 pm   NEC Meeting
                  10:30 am - 11:30 am   Assembly of the Assyrian Churches
                  11:30 am -  1:00 pm   A Social Gathering for the
                   1:00 pm -  5:00 pm   Assyrian Community Networking Conference
                   8:00 pm -  2:00 am   Dance Party        $25.00
Sunday    May 26  10:00 am -  4:00 pm   AUOC Meetng
                   8:00 pm -  2:00 am   Banquet Dinner     $55.00
Monday    May 27  10:30 am -  6:00 pm   Convention Picnic  $ 2.00/$5.00

          D I R E C T O R Y  OF THE  N E W S  S O U R C E S
ZNNQ (Nabu Quarterly)
ZNRU (Reuters):  ClariNet Communications Corp.
ZNSC (soc.culture.assyrian) newsgroup
ZNUP (United Press International)
ZNDA (Zenda: zenda@ix.netcom.com)

                      C A L E N D A R    OF     E V E N T S
May 12     "Christians in the Plains of Nineveh,
                with Special Emphasis on the Village
                of Alqosh"
                Lecturer: Hormiz Aboona
                presented by the Assyrian Academic Society
                6:00 P.M.
                Swedish Covenant Hospital Auditorium
                Skokie, Illinois

May 24-27       Assyrian State Convention of California
                Fairmont Hotel
                San Jose, U.S.A.
May 24-25       Memorial Weekend Games
                Chicago, U.S.A.

May 25-26       2nd Assyrian Community Networking Conference
                Fairmont Hotel
                San Jose, U.S.A.

June 1          Nineveh Choral Concert
                Conducted by Maestro Nebu Issabey
                Santa Teresa High School Auditorium
                San Jose, U.S.A.
                8:00 pm

June 9-11       The ARAM Conference
                Harvard University
                Cambridge, Massachusetts,  U.S.A

                Praque, Czech Republic

July 2-7        10th Annual Assyrian Youth Convention
                of the Assyrian Church of the East
                Chicago, Illinois

July 4-7        Assyrian Olympics of California
                San Diego, California

Thru Aug 15     "Beirut:  Uncovering the Past"
                Profiles recent UNESCO archeology efforts
                The British Museum
                London, England

August 12-14    SyrCOM-96: Second International Forum
                           on Syrian Computing
                Symposium Syriacum
                Uppsala University
                Dept of Asian and African Studies
                Box 513
                S-751 20 Uppsala
                Fax: +46 18 181094
Aug 29-Sept 2   AANF National Convention
                Red Lion Inn Hotel
                Modesto, U.S.A.
Mondays       Assyrian History Class
              "Assyrian History: 18th Century thru Present
              Instructor:  Wilfred Alkhas
              BETA on 20000 Almaden Rd, San Jose, Calif
              Class begins on June 3

Thursdays     Nineveh Choir:  Maestro Nebu Issabey
              BETA:  AAA of San Jose, U.S.A.
              7:30-9:00 pm

Fridays       Assyrian Educational & Cultural Club at
              Modesto Junior College
              1:00 pm
              Founders Hall 108
              Modesto, U.S.A.

Saturdays     Nisibin School
              Ages 4 thru 14
              Assyrian Language, History, & Arts
              9:00 am - 12:00 pm
              BETA on 20000 Almaden Rd, San Joe, Calif
              Classes begin on June 15

                 A S S Y R I A N   S U R F I N G   P O S T S
 Assyrian National Anthem

                       P U M P  U P  T H E  V O L U M E
        ENGLISH                ASSYRIAN

        Corruption          khevla            [M]
        Immorality          doo-raa-maa    [M]
        Debauchery        khoovala         [M]
Note:  pronounce "aa" in "baahra" (light)
F = Feminine     M = Masculine      P = Plural

                    B A C K    T O  T H E    F U T U R E

B.C. (1160) Elamites reach Babylon.  The Kassite
Dynesty comes to an end and much of Babylonia comes
under Elamite rule for the next 30 years.

<< The Might That Was Assyria, H. Saggs >>

A.D. (January 11, 1842) Mar Yokhana of the village
of Gavilan becomes the first Assyrian to arrive in
the United States from Iran.

<< Soorgada d'Sheeta Msheekheta, Hanibal Givargiz >>

                               L  I  T  E  R  A  T  U  S

        *** From the Sumerian CREATION EPIC ***
                    ca. 3000 B.C.

I will produce a lowly lulu (Primitive);
"Man" shall be his name.
I will create a lulu amelu (Primitive Worker);
He will be charged with the service of the gods,
that they might have their ease.
<<  The 12th Planet, Sitchin >>

                   T H I S    W E E K   I N    H I S T O R Y

May 5, 1930:  The Salamas Earthquake rocks the town of
Salamas and 8 other Assyrian villages in northwestern
Iran.  Many lives were lost as a result.

May 7, 1918:  Ottoman soldiers surrender to the
Assyrian forces in Urmie.  150 Turks are brought to
the city of Urmie and handed to Iran's government

                                        B   R   A   V   O

For the first time in the 30 years history of the
Assyrian State Conventions in California an Assyrian
woman is chairing this year's Convention Committee.
Mrs. Jackline Bajan of San Jose is also a member of
the Executive Board of the Assyrian American Association
of San Jose.

                        W E L C O M E   T O   Z E N D A
Zenda welcomes our new on-line subscribers from:


                Northern Telcom
                     A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S
Zenda wishes to thank the following individuals &
organizations whose contributions appear in this issue:

Anthony Nasseri        San Jose, California
Albert Gabrial            Hollister, California
Peter Jasim                Chicago, Illinois


ZENDA will continue to print your comments and
suggestions free of editing, as they appear in our
mailbox.  All letters will be printed in our SURFS UP!
section unless directed otherwise.

We urge you to submit your community and church
activities, personal accomplishments, and meeting/
school events to Zenda no later than Sunday, 12:00 PM,
Pacific Standard Time.

Our Next Issue will appear on Monday, May 13, 1996.