Z E N D A  M A G A Z I N E
[renamed Zinda Magazine in 1999]

Kanoon I  23, 6746                   Volume II                       Issue 44                     December 23, 1996

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       A Weekly Online Publication of the ZENDA Assyrian Newsagency

"Lo, the star which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came
and stood over where the young child was."       Matthew 2:9 (New Testament)


Staff of ZENDA

                                              T H I S   W E E K   I N   Z E N D A
The Lighthouse......................  A Letter From the Heart
Good Morning Bet-Nahrain............  No New Entry
Surfs Up............................  "let me clarify the alleged information"
Surfers Corner......................  Assyrian School Action Committee
News Digest.........................  Middle East Water Crisis
Calendar of Events.................. Dr. Gabriele Yonan's Lecture in Chicago
                                            Elections of the AAA of San Jose
Entracte............................ More on New Year's Eve Party in Germany
Intelligentsia...................... Classes, Lectures & Meetings
Assyrian Surfing Posts.............. Syriac Studies at Notre Dame
Pump up the Volume.................. Always
Back to the Future.................. Shalmaneser's Cavalry & Tamur the Lame
Literatus........................... Mar Ishai Shimun on Assyrian Christianity
This Week in History................ Alphonse Mingana
Bravo............................... Assyria Online Cited in the MS Directory
The Directory....................... News Sources
Bshena.............................. Australia
Salute.............................. Mar Bawai, Peter, Ashur, and the AAS

                  THE   L   I   G   H   T   H   O   U   S   E

                          A LETTER FROM THE HEART

Last Thursday I found myself joyless, wounded, and in need.  I was begging
for anything that could stop the dull ache within me.  With so many friends
and foes dancing in my head and all around me suddenly I found myself alone
and confused.  My sense of mistrust had left me hopeless and in despair.
Their glances of admiration were meant for someone else, I thought to
myself.  Perhaps those whom I deserted were right about the future.  Could
my struggle be pointless and only a childish escape from the reality of our
times?  Are my words of encouragement desperate lies spoken by a frightened
man left alone in this lifeless and deathless existence?

In order to save a life one must understand the body and its delicate
design.  Likewise I can only save the soul of the downhearted when I learn
to understand their thoughts and feelings.  Not a day goes by without my
reflecting upon their misery and joy.  The struggle of my own private life
loses ground to the needs of their hardship in the North, the Caucasus, and
the West.  Shortly after my intoxication with the success of my short-lived
accomplishments I find myself alone in the ruins of the Great City, waiting
for the final Desert Storm to mask the ageless tracks of our past
existence.  In secret I long for anonymity and an end to my aimless voyage
to a place where I can belong to somewhere and am wanted by someone.

I am wondering about you tonight as I have every night of my life.  The
laughter in your beautiful eyes is my sole refuge from this estranged
existence.  Last Thursday I wished I was holding your body tightly pressed
against mine.  But it was only a wish, as are all my dreams and
aspirations, they say.  Have you too abandoned me and my passion for life?
Do my assertions bore you now?  To you, sorrounded with that absent-minded
deity of lifeís transient pleasures, they must sound like the cries of the
crazy hero of La Mancha. For I too am preparing to battle the giant
windmills of  time.

Perhaps I should have not written this.  I know that you have not learned
to control your emotions and in your loneliness these harsh words may leave
you helpless and weak.  But you ought to know the truth, that I will draw
objects and ideas the way I see them.  Hence the people I work with will
continue to distrust me.  Unlike you they are afraid of me and my
paintings.  Christmas trees in my drawings are not adorned with ornaments.
There is no Santa Claus handing presents to the wide-eyes children.  Winter
is cold and harsh; it takes life away and the Second Coming brings hope and
not wealth to a people that never complain and always remain thankful.  In
their despair I see hope and in their faith I see the true meaning of the
Resurrection.  Last Thursday, discouraged to draw, I was hopelessly staring
at the blank canvas of my mind.

My love for you is changeless and true.  It has been for ever, ever since I
found my inspiration in your eyes.  I know that you understand my work and
all the paintings in my mind.  When I paint the Assyrian children of Bet
Nahrain I want people to read their thoughts and see their dreams.  The old
man in my portrait of an Assyrian village in Georgia is too tired to move
on.  He only has enough strength to lift his hands and pray for the final
judgment. A mother washing her husbandís pant and jacket, his only clothes
in over nine months in a Jordanian refugee camp, disappears into the thick
black landscape of my unsold painting.  The suffering of these men, women,
and children is the essence of life in my work.  Possessionless but content
are these gentle inheritors of the kingdom we seek in our places of
worship.  Their salvation is my penitence.  To this cause I will remain
true as I am to your love.

Last Thursday for me there was only pain, the blind and endless torment of
failure. Once again Christmas had arrived. I felt as if I had lost everyone
and I had lost myself.  All that remained was you.   I poured myself a
glass of red wine and danced with you in my thoughts.  You were no longer
just the maiden of my dreams and the Innana of the forbidden temple. For
the first time since we last kissed I could taste the red wine in my glass.
My dreams, their pain, and your smile had become one.

Merry Christmas my love,


     G  O  O  D    M  O  R  N  I  N  G    B  E  T - N  A  H  R  A  I  N

                     No News Received In The Past Week

                         S   U   R   F   S     U   P   !
"In regard to some of the information reported in ZENDA (the issue of
December 16, 1996) concerning the situation of the Assyrian Church of the
East in the LA area, I would like to inform you and your readers with the
following.  In proper administrative-canonical action, his Grace Bishop Mar
Aprim Khamis, who is the prelate-in-charge of the Assyrian Parishes in
Western United States, has decreed to release Reverend Barkho Daoud from
his pastoral duties in the North Hollywood Parish in preparation for the
latter's transfer to another parish of the Assyrian Church of the East in
the Chicago (Illinois) Area.  It is with great solicitude and pastoral
concern that we in the Assyrian Church of the East are observing this
situation and the developments that have ensued at Saint Mary's Parish.
Further let me also clarify the alleged information which appeared in ZENDA
concerning the Reverend Kando D. Kando as being the candidate to replace
Reverend Barkho Daoud at Saint Mary's.  This rumor is simply untrue.
Reverend Kando is not and never has been a candidate for Saint Mary's
parish.  He was ordained to the priesthood specifically to serve the
Assyrian Church of the East at Saint Paul's Parish in Orange County, CA,
and is still ministering to our faithful, there.  You, also, ought to know
that, by the time this reply is published in ZENDA, His Grace Bishop Mar
Aprim Khamis would have ordained, on Sunday, December 22, 1996, at Saint
Mar Zaia Church in Modesto, CA, another person to the priesthood who shall
later be installed as the new pastor for Saint Mary's Parish in North

With expression of my prayers, I wish you and your readers a Merry
Christmas and a New Year replete of God's grace and blessings."

Mar Bawai Soro
Assyrian Church of the East
Rome, Italy

"I have read your electronic newslater, ZANDA, since the first issue .I
find it good and informative. Can I please have permission to take some
article or
information  for SURYOYO ONLINE? The sourses will be writen every time the
information be published.  SURYOYO ONLINE (SOL) is an Online Jounal of the
Syrian Orthodox Church, Syriac Studies and the Arameans. SOL was founded on
October 20, 1996, in Goettingen, Germany to inform the readers/servers
about all SURYOYE and SURYOYE Churchs with different topics."

Gabrial Rabo

"In the last few years I have been concerned with an idea which is very
difficult to provide, but very important for our Assyrian people. I mean
the foundation of the Assyrian university on the basis of some existing
university. Such an idea has been realized in Kiev by Jews who created the
Solomon University on the basis of the Kiev Polytechnical University using
its buildings, equipment, facilities and (partly) staff. The Assyrian
University could gather scientists and students from all the world and give
both the general and Assyrian education. We discussed this idea a few years
ago at the Round table meeting in Moscow (within the Assyrian Festival)
attended by representatives of Assyrian organizations from former Soviet
Republics and some countries of the Near East and Europe, and it was
supported. I aware that such a complicated project requires great efforts
and funding,and nowadays can be realized only in USA. With this respect the
bequest of Benjamin S. Adams could be the first foundation-stone of the
Assyrian University.  I also believe that some outstanding Assyrian
scientists from the former Soviet Republics could be involved into this
project.  My best wishes to all our brothers and sisters throughout the
world, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas."

Promarz Tamrazov
Kiev, Ukraine


"I would like to inform Zenda subscribers who reside in Santa Clara Valley
and are members of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose that we
are circulating a "Petition for Democratic Elections" among the members.
The purpose of this petition is to amend the bylaws of our Association to
give every member the opportunity to exercise their right to vote in the
upcoming and future General Elections.  This petition has been mailed to
all of the member of our Association.  Please sign the petition and return
it to us in the return envelope provided with the petition.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the editor and the
staff of Zenda for providing this invaluable service to the Assyrian
Nation. Merry Christmas and my best wishes for a successful 1997."

Ramin Daniels
San Jose, California

"Am 31.Dezember.1996 von 19 bis 3 Uhr werden wir Assyrer von Wiesbaden und
Umgebung im Buerger Haus Oestrich eine Silvester-Party feiern.  Fuer gute
laune ist unter Anderem mit Tanzmusik  gesorgt.  Eintrittskarten sind vom
17.November bis zum 22.Dezember in den Vereinsraeume  fuer
Vereinsmitglieder: 25,-DM; Gaeste: 40,-DM und die Kinder zwischen 6 und 12
Jahren: 15,-DM erhaeltlich.  Adresse: Buerger Haus Oesterich im
Paul-Gerhard weg

Adrin Taksh
Berlin, Germany

[Danke schon! Das hort sich ja toll an...(For English Translation please

                  S  U  R  F  E  R  S      C  O  R  N  E  R


The purpose of the Assyrian School Action Committee (ASAC) is to create
an Assyrian elementary school in the United States.  In addition to the
basic foundation courses of math, science, and English,this school will
preserve our culture by providing Assyrian language, culture, history, and
religion classes.

The prime objective of ASAC is to study all available avenues for achieving
this goal.  The results of the study will then be used toward establishing
the school.

The success of this endeavor depends upon the participation of a large
majority of Assyrians.  Therefore, ASAC encourages any interested Assyrian
to visit ASAC's web site at www.assyria.net/al-schools.  Currently, our web
site features the mission statement, the charter, and a survey.  Your
response to this survey is greatly appreciated, as it is an invaluable tool
in the planning phase of ASAC's goal.

Any Assyrian interested in contributing to ASAC's efforts or inclined to
become a member of ASAC may contact Anoukin Mooshabad at
amooshab@bayou.uh.edu or Gilyana Chamaki at chamaki@allover.com.

Rachelle Badal
San Jose, California
                  N   E   W   S       D   I   G   E   S   T


(ZNDA: United Nations) A United Nations report has warned that Middle East
nations will face a severe food and water crisis if they fail to adopt
appropriate policies to stem the degradation of their land and water
resources. Regional officials and experts from the Food and Agriculture
Organization's regional office are meeting in Cairo to reassess regional
resources and make recommendations to governments. In its report last week,
the Near East office of the United Nations Food and Agriculture
Organization, or FAO, warned that regional states faced serious problems
with the food chain due to indiscriminate land use and contamination of
underground and drinking water resources. It said that renewable water
resources in 16 out of 30 countries were down to below 500 cubic meters
(17,500 cubic feet) a year. Current forecasts indicated that by 2025 the
region would have only 32 to 66 percent of the renewable water sources
which were available in 1990. During 1981-86, FAO said, agricultural
production in the region increased at an annual rate of about 2.1 percent
while population grew at 3 percent. Current projections indicated that,
between 1980 and 2000, food production in the region will rise by 2.8
percent against an increase in food demand of 3.2 percent a year. The
trends also showed that many of the countries were becoming increasingly
dependent on imports to meet their food requirements. The experts are
discussing ways to ensure a sustainable development of irrigation and
drinking water resources, a soil and terrain database for integrated land
use and reforms in governmental policies. FAO says the discussions are part
of a universal plan of action for food security, which was approved at the
World Food Summit in Rome in November.

         C   A   L   E   N   D   A   R     OF     E   V   E   N   T   S

Thru April 6            The Ain Ghazal Exhibit
                        Smithsonian Institute
                        Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
                Washington D.C.
                        AAA of Southern CA      (818) 506-7577

Jan 3                   "Assyrians and German Diplomacy,  New Lights on the Holocaust:
Documents of the Foreign Office, 1897 - 1918"
                        A Lecture by Dr. Gabriele Yonan
                        of Institute of Semitic Studies
                        Free University Berlin
                        sponsored by the Assyrian Academic Society
                        North Park College, Isaacson Chapel
                        5110 N. Spaulding
                        Center for Middle Eastern Studies
                        Chicago, Illinois
                        7:00 P.M.

Jan 10                  General Elections of the
                        Assyrian American Association of San Jose
                        BETA:  20000 Almaden Road, San Jose, California
                        8:00 pm

Jan 15                  Ashur & Marduk:  The State Gods of Assyria & Babylonia
                        Lecturer:  G. Frame
                        Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
                        University of Toronto
                        St. George campus
                        Toronto, Canada
                        8:00 p.m

Mar 12                  Guardians of the Gate:  The Assyrian Winged Colossi
                        Lecturer:  A. Harrak
                        Near and Middle Eastern Civilization
                        University of Toronto
                        St. George campus
                        Toronto, Canada
                        8:00 p.m

April 9                 Recent Excavations at Gordion, Turkey:
                        An Achaemenid Persian Imperial Town in Central Anatolia
                        Lecturer:  T.C. Young, Jr.
                        Royal Ontario Museum
                        Toronto, Canada
                        8:00 p.m
                               E N T R A C T E
Dec 25                  Christmas Party '96
                        Assyrian Church of the East
                        680 Minnesota Avenues
                        San Jose, California
                        Entertainers:  Ogin & Ashur Bet-Sargis

Dec 31
CHICAGO         New Year's Eve Party
                        Assyrian American Ladies Association of Chicago
                        1618 w. Devon
                        Chicago, IL 60660
                        Entertainment:  RAMSIN SHENO
                        All You can eat and drink!
                        Donation:       Non Members  $ 45.00
                                        Members      $ 35.00
                                        Kids            $ 15.00
                        For table reservation, call Sonia Aghakan
                        (773) 271-5539 (H)/ (773)338-3922

SAN JOSE                New Year's Eve Party
                        Westin Hotel
                        Santa Clara, California
                        Entertainers:  Sooren & Edmond
                        Donation:       Non Members     $ 75.00
                                        Members $ 65.00
                        Babysitting Service Available

LOS ANGELES             New Year's Eve Party
                        Hilton Hotel- LAX
                        Los Angeles, California
                        Entertainers:  Ogen & Black Cats
                        Donation:       $ 65.00

GERMANY         Dec. 31st
                        Buerger Haus Oestrich-Winkel
                        Poul-Gerhard weg
                        from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am
                        Entertainers: Assyrian tapes and Disco musik
                        For ticket reservation from Nov 17 thru Dec 22
                        Contact ABGAD
                        Donation:       Members         25 DM
                                        Non-Members  40 DM
                                        Kids (6-12)  15 DM

                         I N T E L L I G E N T S I A
Thursdays               Nineveh Choir under the direction of Maestro Nebu Issabey
                        BETA:  20000 Almaden Road
                        San Jose, California
                        8:00 pm

Fridays                 Assyrian Educational & Cultural Club at
                        Modesto Junior College
                        1:00 pm
                        Founders Hall 108
                        Modesto, U.S.A.

Saturdays               Nisibis School
                        The Church of the East
                        Toronto, Canada

                        Nisibin School
                        10:00-12:00 pm
                        BETA:  Assyrian American Association of San Jose
                        San Jose, California

SUNDAYS                 Assyrian Boy Scouts
                        Assyrian American Association of Southern California
                        Assyrian Club
                        5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                        North Hollywood, California
                        9:30am  to 12:30pm
                        Contact Sargon Gewargis @ fishtale@juno.com
                        (818) 891-3705 after 7:30 pm

                        Assyrian Student Union
                        California State University, Northridge
                        Assyrian American Association of Southern California
                        Assyrian Club
                        5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                        North Hollywood, California
                        Contact Sargon Gewargis @ fishtale@juno.com
                        (818) 891-3705 after 7:30 pm

       A  S  S  Y  R  I  A  N     S  U  R  F  I  N  G     P  O  S  T  S
Class Offerings for Summer 1997 Session
Syriac Institute of Classes Notre Dame University
Instructor:  Dr. John Amar


                     P  U  M  P    UP THE   V O L U M E
               ENGLISH                          ASSYRIAN

                  Always                    a/mee/na/eet            [M]
                                                aal/mee/na/eet          [M]
                                                mto/ma/eet              [M]
F = Feminine     M = Masculine      P = Plural
                B  A  C  K     TO THE      F  U  T  U  R  E

B.C. (850's) By the middle of the ninth century cavalries were well
established.  In the Battle of Qarqar Shalmaneser III claimed to have 2,002
chariots and 5,542 cavalrymen.
<< The End of the Bronze Age, Drews >>

A.D. (1392) Mongolian ruler, Timur the Lame, subjugates Bet-Nahrain and
Armenia.  In Baghdad alone a pyramid of 90,000 heads was erected on its ruin.

<< The Nestorian Churches, Vine >>

                    L    I    T    E    R    A    T    U    S
"My people have had a great struggle to maintain their Christian faith.
They have had to stand against other religions having the advantage of
State support, and they have frequently suffered in great racial
disturbances.  But their witness goes on, and I pray God that easier days
many soon be granted them...I favour every contribution toward the bringing
into closer relationship of all the people of God:  for 'there shall be one
fold, and one shepherd.'"

Mar Eshai Shimun
Former Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East
London, England
February 1937

           T  H  I  S    W  E  E  K     I  N    H  I  S  T  O  R  Y
December 23, 1881:  born in Mosul, Iraq (then Mesopotamia), Alphonse
Mingana, Assyrian scholar in ancient Aramaic and Syriac studies.
                            B     R    A     V     O


Assyrian Online, perhaps the oldest Assyrian website on the internet, is
mentioned in The Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory 96-97, edited by
Kevin Savetz, under the category of Anthropology, Archaeology, and
Paleontology.  Congratulations to the past and present editors, webmasters,
and contributors of this fine Assyrian website.  The following is the entry
published regarding http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~jatou/  :

{Part anthropology, part modern culture and politics, and part religious
studies, this site has many links on the subject of the ancient land and
people of Assyria and their descendants. Topics include an essay and FAQ
about modern-day Assyrians, and links to the Usenet newsgroup
soc.culture.assyrian. There is a link to The Palace of Ashurnasirpal, a
computer-generated animation in QuickTime® and MPEG displaying a
"fly-through" of this ancient structure. This page also has translations
into English from two texts by Ephraim of Syria. This site also contains an
entire online course in Akkadian, with pictograms, phonograms, and many
images of the fonts that were used.}
                         the   D I  R  E  C  T  O  R  Y
ZNAD (Assyrian Democratic Organization)
ZNAM (Archeology Magazine)
ZNAP (Associated Press International)
ZNBN (Bet-Nahrain Inc/ KBSV-TV "AssyriaVision")
ZNDA (Zenda: zenda@ix.netcom.com)
ZNNQ (Nabu Quarterly)
ZNNV (Nineveh Magazine)
ZNRU (Reuters)
ZNSJ (San Jose Mercury News)
ZNTM (Time Magazine)
ZNUP (United Press International)
ZNUS (US News & World Report)

             W   E   L   C   O   M   E     T O     Z   E   N   D   A
Zenda welcomes our new on-line subscribers from:


                     S     A     L     U     T     E
Zenda wishes to thank the following individuals & organizations whose
contributions appear in this issue:
                        Peter Jasim                   Chicago, Illinois
                        Ashur Simon Malek       Toronto, Canada
                        Adrin Takhsh                Berlin, Germany
                        Mar Bawai Soro            Rome, Italy
                        Assyrian Academic Society of Chicago

The Staff of ZENDA is taking a short holiday break.  Therefore, ZENDA will
not be published next week. Our Next Issue will appear on Monday, January
8, 1996.