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Yaar 19, 6746                   Volume III                       Issue 14            May 19, 1997

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       A Weekly Online Publication of the ZENDA Assyrian Newsagency

                      T H I S   W E E K   I N   Z E N D A
The Lighthouse...................... Protocols of the Convention Elders
Good Morning Bet-Nahrain............ Turkish Troops Enter Northern Iraq
                                            Assyrian Store-Owner Killed in Arbil
Surfs Up............................ "unmistakenably undisrespectful"
Surfers Corner...................... Latest Info on ACNC 97
                                            ZENDA Requests...
News Digest......................... Ordination of Rev. Albert Aslan
                                            Quake Search in Iran
Calendar of Events.................. New Info on ACNC 97
Entracte............................ No New Entries
Intelligentsia...................... Classes and Seminars
Assyrian Surfing Posts.............. Assyrian Student Union, Northridge
                                            Al-Muntada Magazine
                                            New Kibitzer Article
Pump up the Volume.................. Convention & Assembly
Back to the Future.................. Sennacherib's First Campaign
                                            Assyrian Levies
Literatus........................... It is Only My Heart!
This Week in History................ 1965 Soccer Game
Bravo............................... Assyrians of New Zealand
The Directory....................... News Sources
Bshena.............................. 3Com, Ameritech, US Robotics, San
    Jose,& Southern California
Salute.............................. Sargon, Firas, Mazin, Belona, &

                THE   L   I   G   H   T   H   O   U   S   E



The Protocols of the Elders of the Convention has a very intriguing
history.  The document first appeared in 1934. An Assyrian named Toodooz
Hamzimbcheela claimed that it was given to him by another Assyrian, who
claimed that he had received it from a woman, who herself had stolen it
from the Assyrian American National Federation (AANF) office in Chicago.
The second Assyrian claimed that it was a faithful translation of the
original manuscript, written in a mixture of Akkadian and Syriac. The
Assyrian American National Federation has denied the authenticity of the
document and it insists that it is a forgery. It is impossible to prove the
authenticity of the document, as the original manuscript has never been
found. However, it is possible to draw conclusions as to the authenticity
of the Protocols based on the historical evidence of the past 63 AANF
conventions. One has to merely attend an AANF convention to observe that
most Assyrians do indeed follow the actions prescribed by the Protocols.

Analysis of the Protocols

There are 27 numbered protocols, but the actual number is 39, since there
are many sub-protocols. Aside from the protocols themselves, there are the
directives by the Elders of the convention, and a definition of an Elder.

Here follows the Protocols of the Elders of the Convention.

                Protocols of the Elders of The Convention

The Prime Directives of the Elders

Observe all protocols faithfully
Do not have a sacrilegious attitude toward the protocols
Do not amend/add to these protocols without the permission of the Elders

An Elder is an Assyrian who has attended at least eight consecutive AANF

00      Attend all conventions.
00a     Know where the convention is.
00b     Know when the convention is.
01      Do not leave the convention grounds.
02      Do not leave the party before it ends.
03      You must mingle after the party.
03a     You must mingle before the party.
03b     You must mingle during the party.
04      Do not go to sleep before 6 A.M..
04a     Do not sleep past 11 A.M..
05      Do not get sick at the convention.
06      Do not have a plan for the convention.
07      Do not wish the convention to be over.
07a     Be glad when the convention starts.
07b     Be sad when the convention ends.
08      Attend the California state convention as a prelude to the big one.
08a     Attend the Chicago business convention as a prelude to the      California
state convention.
09      Do not learn how to dance during the convention.
10      Do not be dejected when rejected.
11      Attend all days of the convention.
12      Know your shwaweh* in the hotel rooms.
13      Do not lead the dance if you do not know how to dance.
13a     Do not dance next to someone who is better than you.
14      Do not stench anybody.
15      Do not shave your forehead.
15a     Do not bleach your hair.
15b     et cetera.
16      Do not swagger/flaunt if you meet someone.
17      Do not bring non-Assyrians to the convention.
18      Make next year's reservations before the convention ends.
19      Do not discuss non-convention business.
20      Do not think sleaze.
21      Do not hang around with your brothers/sisters.
22      Do not sulk at your table.
23      Do not sleep at the party.
24      Do not stand in one place at the picnic.
25      Do not lose self control.
26      Guys: do not try to look like Steven Segal.
27      Girls: do not freak out if a guy talks to you.

Peter Jasim
Chicago, Illinois

[Mr. Jasim is the president of Nineveh Software Corp and the founder of
soc.culture.assyrian.  Peter's book, "MOMENTS; POETRY & FICTION BY AN
ASSYRIAN" is available from Nabu Books in Chicago (see ZENDA 5/12/97).]


     G  O  O  D    M  O  R  N  I  N  G    B  E  T - N  A  H  R  A  I  N


(ZNUP: Ankara)  On May 4 Reuters reported that Turkish army tanks were
lined up at a base near the Khabur [Syria-Turkey] border gate. But it was
not until last Wednesday when Turkish forces moved into northern Iraq
in their largest offensive against Kurdish separatists in two years. As
many as 50,000 soldiers, tanks, artillery, F-16s and helicopters move south
within northern Bet-Nahrain "at the request of Massoud Barzani, the leader
of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)" said Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin
Erbakan.  "We have repeatedly urged the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) not
to establish military bases inside Iraqi Kurdistan to avoid another crisis
in the area, since their domain of activity is not there," the Kurdistan
Democratic Party (KDP) said in a statement faxed to news agencies on
Thursday. "Yet the PKK did not heed our requests and consequently have
turned the region once again into a battleground where the real victims
would be the population of the border region."  The U.S. State Department
spokesman Nicholas Burns commented,"We believe Turkey has a right to defend
itself."  A day after the attack the European Union called on Turkey to
pull its military forces out of northern Iraq as soon as possible and
warned against any loss of civilian life. Iraq strongly condemned the
incursion and demanded an immediate withdrawal of the "invading troops,"
the official Iraqi News Agency (INA) said on Wednesday. A few days before,
Iraq and Turkey had signed a gas deal worth billions of dollars.
The attacks are mostly in the form of bombing missions by jets based
outside the main southeast Turkish city of Diyarbakir. Within 24 hours,
Turkish forces  had captured the Iraqi town of Zakho and were pushing east
along the border and south toward the provincial capital Dohuk in
pursuit of Kurdish rebel guerrillas. Yesterday, F-16 jets bombed rebel
positions in the Hakkari region, while a column of Turkish tanks moved
northeast along the road from Dohuk to Amadiya in what appeared to
be preparations for a second prong of attack. Ankara has appealed to Iran
to stop the rebels fleeing to safety.  Witnesses saw 10 tanks and armored
cars at the tail of the column passing through the town of Suara Tuka early
on Sunday, but local sources said around 100 tanks had passed in the
direction of Bamarny and the Matin mountain, west of Amadiya. Travellers
arriving from Iraq reported that a large military camp had been set up at
Summail, 6 miles west of Dohuk.  Near the Turkish-Syrian border to the
west, troops backed by tanks and armored personnel carriers moved into
Iraq's Hayirsiz Mountains, Reuters reported from the Turkish border village
of Aktepe. The encampment is part of an effort to prevent the PKK from
moving in reinforcements from bases inside Syria. A substantially large
number of Assyrians  inhabits the Hakkari, Zakho and Dohuk regions of
northern Bet-Nahrain. The headquarters of the Assyrian political and
cultural centers are centered in Dohuk.

Turkish troops have killed 998 Kurdish separatist rebels in a five-day
incursion into northern Iraq, the state-run Anatolian news agency said
yesterday. It quoted sources at military headquarters as saying over 140
Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) guerrillas had been captured. The
Germany-based DEM agency, which is close to the PKK, said in a statement
that more than 40 Turkish soldiers had been killed in clashes with the
rebels. It also carried a call to arms from PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Yesterday, a Turkish helicopter crashed in the Cukurca area of the Hakkari
province, killing two pilots. The cause of the crash was described as "a
technical fault" by the general staff.  The pro-Kurdish MED-TV said the PKK
had shot down the Turkish helicopter near Amediye, 45 miles northeast of
Dohuk. MED-TV offered no other details.

A spokesman for the Iraqi National Congress told Reuters that a gun battle
in Arbil between members of the PKK and KDP was observed late on Friday.
He said three PKK offices had been overrun by KDP forces, with the
occupants either killed or taken prisoner by morning. One aid organization,
the U.K.-based Mines Advisory Group,  said it was pulling out of Dohuk
because of security concerns. Throughout this, journalists were barred from
the operations zone by Turkish troops and their Iraqi Kurdish allies, the
Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). Communications were also tightly
restricted, making independent verification of the scope of the incursion
and the number of casualties impossible.
Photograph of Turkish Army Tanks in Northern Bet-Nahrain:

Map of Iraq:


(ZNSC: Chicago) On 27 April, an unarmed Assyrian from Shaqlawa, Mr. Sabri
Odo Sowrish, 58, was killed while working in his store in Sedara, Arbil. He
was struck by three bullets fired from a silencer. Another similar incident
in Ankawa, Arbil, directed at another Assyrian store-owner was prevented as
the victim was able to defend himself. The assailants have not be identified.
                      S   U   R   F   S     U   P   !
"The following is my personal response to Jacklin Bejan's write up
regarding Lena Mushell's writeup in Zenda's issue dated April 21, 97.  To
start with, it was not clear to me on who's behalf the comment was being
made as it was stated " Unfortunately, the Association thinks it is best to
let the matter pass unanswered".  Jacklin Bejan states ",we feel obliged to
at least offer a clarification...".  If this is not a response on behalf of
AAA of San Jose, then what is meant by the "We" in the response?

In my view, Jacklin has totally avoided the subject and attempted to cloud
up the issue by attempting to distract the readers be re-directing the
issue, when she provides an interdiction to who Ms. Mushell is and
represents, and on the status of the Assyrian Aid Society.  I do not follow
why in this case Jacklin Bejan readily announce "we assume she speaks for
this group, which is the tax-exempt arm of Zowaa....."  Again she avoids
the subject.

I do not see any "Violence" in any statement made by Lena Musell.  I would
suggest here that Jackie look up the dictionary in hopes of finding a more
suitable word in her comments when she stated  the following,  "This group
and any other will better be served when those who represent it in public
statements avoid invective and inaccuracies."  also when she said: "It is a
well-known fact that the AAA of San Jose is a social and cultural society,
and it is governed by a policy of non-partisanship,and non-sectarianism."

The constitution of the United Sates of America was also written to be used
as the governing guideline for the government to do business and treat it's
citizens.   It is a fact that this constitution has been mis-interpreted,
mis-represented and misconstrued for the benefit and advancement of
personal pleasures of  corrupt politicians.  So I do not see this as a
flawless measuring stick.  Mrs Bejan shows she's learned good politics when
she rightfully announce:  "There has never been a requirement in our
by-laws, or in prior practice, which mandates the attendance of our
officers at every event or celebration."

While this is true, it is the actions that give a clear picture as to the
thoughts and beliefs of individuals and groups.  I can pick the events that
are meaningful for me to attend, and also chose not to attend those who are
of little importance to me.  I though it was un-respectful of Mrs. Bejan to
be so suttle in her statement towards Ms. Mushell when she said: "...the
importance of excellent public relations requirement for promotion of any
idea or cause, especially when it comes to charitable organizations." and,
"If the Santa Clara County chapter of AAS is looking for ways to revitalize
itself in our community, I would suggest that perhaps the leadership of AAS
should examine their public relations policy, and the spokes people who
officially are representing it."

I believe this is unmistakenly a disrespectful statement directed towards
Ms. Mushell and it was not necessary at all. I can also note a little anger
in the statement:  "To this date the AAA of San Jose has not received any
statement of appreciation for the use of the facility from Zowaa, "

In closing, I'd like to remind Mrs. Bejan, only less than two years ago,
Mrs. Jacklin Bejan, as she headed the national convention in San Jose, had
pledged to donate the church offerings from the unified church services
held by three Assyrian churches on the last Sunday of the convention to the
Assyrian Aid Society, for the support of the two children that were brought
for medical treatment.

How easy one can forget such pledges of honor, when it was quickly
dismissed after the end of the convention and the funds were instead, said
to have been used to pay for the Church rental, (for which AAA was not
charged), the remaining was used to pay for the Tea and Cake given out to
attendees, and a mere $300.00 or less was donated to the Assyrian Aid
Society.  And while on the subject, as Mrs. Bejan mentioned "open door
policy"  the door was shut very harshly and disrespectfully in the face of
the AAA members when this issue was brought for discussion during a general
body meeting by herself and the then Vice President Mr. Carlo Ganjeh. If
I've missed a thing or two, I hope forgiveness, but this must be told as we
can not simply sit and rely on words that come out of mouths of certain

Esha Tamras
San Jose, California

[In order to preserve the unique and stimulating journalistic perspective
on all current issues ZENDA will refrain from printing our San Francisco
Bay Area readers' comments regarding the Assyrian American Association of
San Jose's recent meetings and its local dealings with the Assyrian
Democratic Movement and the Assyrain Aid Society of America. ZENDA invites
our concerned readers to directly contact the AAA of San Jose officials at
(408) 927-8100 or send emails to AssyrianLink Internet Service.

Also as before, ZENDA will refrain from publishing material currently
posted on a separate Internet Service.  For a lively discussion on current
issues access soc.culture.assyrian & AssyrianLink Internet Services.]

                  S  U  R  F  E  R  S      C  O  R  N  E  R

ZENDA readers are invited to respond to the following request(s) by either
directly writing to the author or sending a reply to ZENDA.

Readers of ZENDA:

We are glad to announce the Third Assyrian American Community Networking
Conference (ACNC'97) to be held on Sunday, May 25, 1997 in the Modesto
Centre Plaza as announced previously. The conference will be in
the  "Pistachio Room" which is in the Centre Plaza that is directly
attached to the Red Lion Hotel. The room is located in the lower level and
reachable from any entrance. For more  information visit
www.nineveh.com/acnc97.htm .

The conference is scheduled from 1:00-6:00pm offering and interesting
agenda.  Two American guest speakers from Internet companies are invited to
talk on "Audio-Video Broadcasting" and "Real-Video on the Net". Assyrian
speakers will focus on Assyrian issues in context of the Internet. The
planned panel discussion intends to concentrate on the possibilities of
establishing an Assyrian infrastructure.

Registration for the conference is still FREE, though due to the seating
capacity of the Pistachio conference room limited to maximum 100 people.
Door registrations will be on first-show, first-serve basis.

Thanks to our sponsors, all attendees will receive a free conference
package (Free Assyrian Font CD, T-Shirt etc.). Donations will be accepted.

For the conference committee,

Abdulmesih BarAbrahem           Albert Gabriel
Conference Chairman                     Conference Secretary


To Our Reader:

ZENDA believes that every event that takes place in your community is
important and learning about the activities of other communities bring our
global community closer towards a common goal.  Therefore, we urge you to
ask your social, cultural, political, and religious groups, organizations,
and institutions to include us in their mailing list so that we may receive
your community's information on a timely fashion and be able to share it
with hundreds of our online readers in 22 countries around the world.
ZENDA will gladly accept costs associated with postage and overseas
delivery.  Our mailing address:

P.O. Box 20278
San Jose, California  95160



ZENDA wants to know if you, your Assyrian friend(s), or relative(s) is
graduating from a college or university.  Please submit your entries by
Sunday June 1.  Include the following information:

Student's Name
Name of College/University
Major (i.e. Biology, Electrical Engineering)
Degree (i.e. B.S., M.D.)

                  N   E   W  S       D   I   G   E   S   T

(ZNDA: San Jose) After months of service as a "religious instructor",
Albert Aslan, was ordained a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, on 17
May in San Jose, California.  Rev. Aslan arrived in 1996 from Tehran, Iran
upon the invitation of the members of the Assyrian Evangelical Church of
San Jose & Bay Area, one of the two Protestant churches in San Jose.  On
Saturday, members of this 14-years-old congregation, who have confronted
ideological divisions and abandonment from former parishioners, were
enthusiastic about the new spiritual leadership of the church. In 1992 a
small but active body of members, under the direction of Rev. Fereidoun
Es-Haq and Rev. Shmuil Khangaldi, left the congregation to form a new
non-denominational church in San Jose.  The Bet-Eil Assyrian Ministry, as
it is now called, has since grown considerably in terms of economic power
and membership.  Many Assyrian residents of San Jose hope that the
ordination of Rev. Albert Aslan will bring the two congregations to a
spiritual proximity and heal the scars grieving the divided families.  Rev.
Aslan was ordained by Rev. Shimshun Khangaldi (father of Rev. Shmuil
Khangaldi of Bet-Eil Ministry; has presided over the Evangelical Church
since the 1992 departure of the Bet-Eil members), Rev. William Asatorian,
Rev. Samuel Es-Haq (father of Rev. Fereidoun Es-Haq of Bet-Eil Ministry),
Rev. Dr. George Shahbaz, and Rev. Dr. Gabriel Otero. The ordination program
included choral and piano performances by the Church Choir and Rev. Albert
Aslan's wife, Sabrina, respectfully.

                         QUAKE SEARCH CONTINUES

(ZNRU: Tehran) Rescue teams are continuing their search for victims
of last weekend's major earthquake in northeastern Iran. A government
minister has put the official casualty toll at 1,560 killed and 2,810
injured.  A small community of Assyrians lives in the Khurasan province of
Iran where the epicenter was detected.
      C   A   L   E   N   D   A   R     OF     E   V   E   N   T   S
May 21                  AUA Honors Mtakasta on its 40th Anniversary
                        A Political Rally
                        Assyrian American Civic Club
                        Speakers:  ADO representatives from the U.S. & Canada
                        Turlock, California
                        7:00 pm

May 23-26               Assyrian State Convention of California
                        Turlock, California

May 25                  A C N C '97
                        The Third Assyrian Community Networking Conference
                        Centre Plaza (adjacent to Red Lion Inn Hotel)
                        Pistachio Room
                        Modesto, California
                        1:00 to 6:00 pm
                    Organized by The Assyrian Community Networking Society

Jul 20                  A Concert by the Assyrian Violinist, David Yonan
                        Mathaeikirchstrasse 1
                        Musikinstrumenten Museum, Curt-Sachs Saal
                        11:00 am

Aug 26-Sept 2           Assyrian American National Convention
                        Hyatt Regency Dearborn
                        Fairlane Town Center
                        Detroit, Michigan
                        All Single,double,triple,quad rooms: $95 per day
                        Reservations: (313) 982-6880
                        Reservations must be made by August 7.
                               E N T R A C T E
June 13         Father's Day Dinner Dance
                        AAA of Southern California
                        5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                        North Hollywood, California
                        Entertainer:  Isam
                        $ 5.00 ; Fathers Free
                        8:00 pm

June 28         Welcome Home Party
                        Entertainer:  Ashur Sargis
                        AAA of Southern California
                        5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                        North Hollywood, California
                         I N T E L L I G E N T S I A
CHICAGO         Assyrian Athletic Club Soccer Development Program
                        Ages 7-14
                        7:45-9:45 pm
                        Warren Park Gymnasium
                        Western Avenue & Devon Street

HARVARD UNIVERSITY      1997-98 Syriac Classes Taught by Dr. J.F. Coakley

                        Elementary Syriac
                        Instructor:  J. F. Coakley
                        Basic Syriac grammar and syntax
                        with selected readings from the Syriac Bible and
                        other early texts.

                        Readings in Syriac I
                        Historical and theological texts, and early poetry

                        Readings in Syriac II
                        Special attention to exegetical texts and to reading manuscripts.

MODESTO         Assyrian Educational & Cultural Club at
                        Modesto Junior College
                        1:00 pm
                        Founders Hall 108
                        Modesto, U.S.A.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD     Assyrian Boy Scouts
                        Assyrian American Association of Southern California
                        Assyrian Club
                        5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                        North Hollywood, California
                        9:30am  to 12:30pm
                        Contact Sargon Gewargis @ fishtale@juno.com
                        (818) 891-3705 after 7:30 pm

                        Assyrian Student Union
                        California State University, Northridge
                        Assyrian American Association of Southern California
                        Assyrian Club
                        5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                        North Hollywood, California
                        Contact Sargon Gewargis @ fishtale@juno.com
                        (818) 891-3705 after 7:30 pm

SAN JOSE                Nisibin School
                        Assyrian Language Classes
                        Ages 5-14
                        10:00-1:00 pm
                        AAA of San Jose BETA
                        20000 Almaden Road

                        Citizenship Classes
                        Mondays & Tuesdays
                        7:00 pm
                        AAA of San Jose BETA
                        20000 Almaden Road

                        Maestro Nebu Issabey's Nineveh Choir Practice
                        AAA of San Jose BETA
                        8:00 pm

TORONTO         Nisibis School
                        The Church of the East
                        Toronto, Canada

      A  S  S  Y  R  I  A  N     S  U  R  F  I  N  G     P  O  S  T  S

Assyrian Student Union of California State University, Northridge:


Al-Muntada's Assyrian Article:


Check out Francis Sarguis' newest Kibitzer Essay at:


                     P  U  M  P    UP THE   V O L U M E

                English         Modern Assyrian

                Convention              knoosh/ya               [M]
                Assembly                knoosh/ta(tha)  [F]
F = Feminine     M = Masculine      P = Plural
                B  A  C  K     TO THE      F  U  T  U  R  E
B.C. (703) Sennacherib's first campaign to Babylonia begins. His army
advances against a coalition of Chaldeans, Arameans, and Elamite
mercenaries under the leadership of Merodach Baladan and defeats them in
two battles.

<< Sennacherib's Palace Without Rival at Nineveh, Russell >>

A.D. (1919) Two battalions of Assyrians are formed out of the refugees in
Baquba camp to serve in operations against the Kurds near Amadiyah.  In
1920 they join Agha Potrus.  In the coming years more Assyrians are
enlisted along with Kurds and the Yezidis to serve as the Levies.  By 1928
the Levies became entirely Assyrian.

<< The Tragedy of the Assyrians, Stafford>>

                    L    I    T    E    R    A    T    U    S
                                IT IS ONLY MY HEART

The following incident was related by a missionary who travelled through
northern Bet-Nahrain in 1843:
A young man (Assyrian) enters.
"Well! What do you want?"
"Nothing, Rabbi (teacher)."
"Nothing! Then why have you come?"
"I want medicine, but I shame to ask."
"Tell me what you want."
"My heart is ill. (Assyrians use "heart" for "stomach").
"Put out your tongue."
"No, Rabbi, it is not my tongue that is bad, but my heart" - beating his
chest energetically by way of demonstration.
"Put out your tongue.  Don't you know I want to find out the cause of your
illness first, before I can give you medicine?"
"There is no cause, Rabbi; it is only my heart."
I begin to think there is something lacking in the upper story, so I give
two harmless pills, and tell him to go "in peace."

<< Kurds & Christians, Heazell >>
           T  H  I  S    W  E  E  K     I  N    H  I  S  T  O  R  Y

May 20, 1965:  The Assyrian Soccer Team from Baghdad, Iraq plays against
the Iranian National Soccer Team in a game which drew 25,000 spectators.

                         B     R    A     V     O

Shotapouta Newsletter of the Assyrian American Association of Southern
California reports that a small community of Assyrians in New Zealand has
established an Assyrian Cultural House, completed the building of a church
(Mart Maryam), a library,  a dance group, and publication of a local
community newsletter entitled Urhai.  Recently, this Assyrian dance group
performed at the Waitangi Day in Auckland, New Zealand.  For more
information contact:

Assyrian Cultural House
P.O. Box 426
Manurewa, Auckland
New Zealand

See:   http://www.channel8.net/newzealand/nzmap.htm

                         the   D I  R  E  C  T  O  R  Y
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ZNRU (Reuters)
ZNSH (Shotapouta Newsletter)
ZNSJ (San Jose Mercury News)
ZNTM (Time Magazine)
ZNUP (United Press International)
ZNUS (US News & World Report)

             W   E   L   C   O   M   E     T O     Z   E   N   D   A
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ZENDA welcomes our new Assyrian readers from Argentina & The Dominica.
                     S     A     L     U     T     E
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