Z E N D A  M A G A Z I N E
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Khziraan 30, 6746                   Volume III                       Issue 19            June 30, 1997

       A Weekly Online Publication of the ZENDA Assyrian Newsagency

                   T H I S     W E E K     I N     Z E N D A

The Lighthouse.............     The Critiques of Today's Assyrian Organizations
Good Morning Bet-Nahrain...     Turkish Army Ending its Operation in the North
                                Assyrian Schools Report from the North
Surfs Up...................     "do not send more propaganda"
Surfers Corner.............     My Cousin Milton
News Digest................     Aho and Bet-Yosip Poetry Reading in San Jose
Calendar of Events.........     No New Entries
Entracte...................     Mtakasta Party in Canada (July 12)
Intelligentsia.............     Classes & Regular Meetings
Assyrian Surfing Posts.....     City of Nippur
Pump up the Volume.........     Enable and Embitter
Back to the Future.........     Rulers of Lagash and Umma
                                Massacre in Edessa
Literatus..................     William Daniel's Tid Bits
This Week in History.......     Assyrian Teacher's Day
Bravo......................     The First ZENDA Baby
The Directory..............     News Sources
Bshena.....................     New York, Germany, Bell Atlantic, Citibank
                                Concorde Optronics & GDT Softworks
Salute.....................     Ashur and Edmond

                THE   L   I   G   H   T   H   O   U   S   E


1.  Dorina Golpashin:  THE WILL

As some of us are aware, the late Benjamin S. Adams left a large sum of
money in trust to an American friend by the name of Rhodes.  He instructed
Rhodes to distribute this money to 6 specific Assyrian organizations, on
certain conditions.  These conditions are that the funds must be applied
either to Assyrian refugee assistance, or to Assyrian children's education.
For any Assyrian organization to receive such a large bequest is truly a
rare opportunity.  The Assyrian people in general, must be as interested as
I am in how these Assyrian organizations will implement Mr. Adams' Will as
per his request.

Although I am not an attorney, I do know that when a Will leaves money
under specific conditions, this does not mean you can reply by stating,
"Thank you for your money, but regardless of your specific conditions, we
will allocate it as we see fit." As has been written already, deviating
from the deceased's instructions not only is disrespectful, but illegal.
The six organizations more than likely have been chosen for their previous
accomplishments and perhaps for their past integrity.  Perhaps the late Mr.
Adams' intention was to utilize the six organizations to appropriate these
funds directly impacting the Assyrian Communities where they reside.

This is not a question of past integrity or which previously established
projects necessitate priority.  The late Benjamin Adams has already
stipulated that the funds are to be allocated to 'childrens education and
refugee assistance.'  It will be interesting to see how well the six
organizations manage these funds and how many Assyrians will benefit from
their decisions.

As for letting the Assyrian communities know about these actions, I agree
this is important.   Whether their decisions impact me directly or not, the
organizations exist for Assyrians and for the preservation of our culture
and for this reason I have an interest as do many others.  One must note
that Mr. Adams chose to give the money to the six organizations and not to
his relatives probably because he had the Assyrian people in mind.

I am hopeful that these six groups will set an example for others to follow
by their faithful performance.  What could be more welcome than other
Assyrian individuals being inspired to repeat Mr. Adams' act of generosity.
The possibility of this occurring again will depend on the six Assyrian
organizations entrusted with these funds and their actions.  Although one
can not speculate solely on the outcome of this one bequest, the six
organizations are accountable for executing the late Mr. Adams' wishes
and/or any misappropriation of the $1,000,000.00, if any.  Any outcome,
hopefully all positive, would ultimately influence future bequests.

The trustee can delay delivery of the funds to any of the six organizations
which have not yet submitted their specific plan of action. If the six
groups are not prepared to respond as per the prerequisites of the trust,
the trustee is obligated by law to delay distribution of funds.  The
trustee should not be given this opportunity by the six organizations.  Two
or more groups could join together on a mutual project; and one group could
take the funds and turn them over to another group to perform the Adams
tasks.  Should one or more organizations fail to meet the requirements, the
trustee only has the authority to withhold or divide their percentages of
the funds and increase the amounts to be received by the qualifying
organizations previously named.

Although one writer has expressed doubt that some of the organizations
involved lack awareness of the Will's requirements, personally I have
confidence that each will assume their responsibility.  Not only will they
meet the requirements stipulated by the late Mr. Adams, but also consider
establishing programs beneficial to as many Assyrians as possible.  Well, I
want to believe.

Dorina Golpashin
San Jose, California


2.  Ashur Simon Malek:  CONFLICT OF INTEREST

In Ontario, specifically within Toronto and Hamilton,  we have over
fourteen (14) Assyrian organizations, in which to my best of my knowledge
have not achieved much success if any in their development of our Assyrian
culture, Assyrian needs, Assyrian heritage, Assyrian media,except having a
name registered.  Nevertheless, our current excellent organization is
"Assyrian Voice of Canada", where Mr. Ashur Shamoun have been putting money
from his own credit-card, and getting loans from friends to pay for
of the only Assyrian radio program in Canada which started this year.

All  the Assyrian organizations in Toronto & Hamilton  have operated within
the personal conflict of interest.  I am aware hearing this news will upset
them all, but the fact, I don't recognize them as Assyrian organizations
totally, since their existence have killed the development of Assyrian
community in Canada,. as well their abuses of their organizations' names
gave a wrong image about our Assyrian culture, for they have committed
un-ethical acts.  It is true, that any organization is registered, and it
is private!  Where as, they use our Assyrian name, and at the same time we
have no power to correct their acts and stop their abuse.

In order to put a scale and measure their performance, we need a framework
to be as a watch-dog.  Unfortunatly, a year ago, the new Assyrian
Federation was destroyed by certain people for they have recognized that
such endorsement will put a line for all their destructive work, and for
their un-ethical performances.

I call upon Assyrians to examine the mega problem situation we have in
Canada, and the danger that have been resulting from acts of "one"
individual in every single Assyrian orgnization.

Below is a list of some Assyrian organizations to be added to your
telephone directory

Assyrian Aid Society of Canada - Toronto
Zowwa (Assyrian Democratic Party)  - Toronto
Assyrian-Canadian National Federation - Toronto
Assyrian Society of Canada - Mississuaga
Assyrian Voice of Canada - Mississuaga
Bet-Nahrain Organization of Canada  - Toronto
Milad Assyrian Community Association of Canada  -  Toronto
Nineveh Assyrian Club of Hamilton   - Hamilton
Shamiram Assyrian Association Inc.  - Hamilton
United Assyrian Youth of Canada  - Toronto
UR Social Club of Ontario  - Toronto
Urhai Committee  - Tornoto
Welfare Committee for the Assyrian Community in Canada  - Toronto

Conflict of interest seem to be the only source of income for those who
lived in poverty, abuse, neglect, and low self-esteem."


3.  Ramin Daniels:  A NATIONAL BETRAYAL

Since the subject of the Assyrian American National Federation (AANF) was
brought up in the last issue of Zenda, I'd like to make a comment.

The AANF is in no way a national Assyrian organization.  It is an
affiliation of social clubs whose members happen to be Assyrians.  So it's
a big club, and even a terrible one at that.  It's is so idiotically
backwards when you consider that each affiliated club gets the same number
of votes, regardless of the actual number of its members.  Hence the
Turlock club with its about a thousand members carries the same weight as
AANF's obscure affiliate in San Francisco with only a handful of members.

AANF, with all of it members (if one counts the members of its affiliate
clubs as AANF members at the same time) at best represents three percent of
the Assyrian people in this country.  How can a club that represents such a
tiny minority claim to be the mouth piece for all of the Assyrians in the
U.S.?  This is the worst Assyrian joke I have ever heard in my life.

AANF has been our own worst enemy.  It has done the most damage to the
Assyrian nation in this country by neglecting the Assyrian public and
instead perpetrating the self serving club mentality and cronyism of a few
amongst us.  The AANF has never sought to be a legitimate organization
representing the Assyrian people in the United States.  Instead of
championing national unity and democracy, the AANF has been dumbing us with
its club mentality, alienating the Assyrian people and dividing us along
the lines of members/non-members.

The AANF from its inception should have striven to become the voice of the
Assyrian people in the U.S. by spearheading the establishment of Motvas; i.
e. popularly elected Assyrian Assemblies at the local, state, and the AANF
itself as the Supreme Assyrian Assembly at the national level.  Why
shouldn't we, the Assyrians of the United States, go to the polls to elect
the board members of the AANF?  The AANF has never submitted to the will of
the Assyrian people.  The capital sin of the AANF has been its total
disregard for the inalienable right of every Assyrian to participate in
his/her own national affairs.  The AANF has opted to serve its "members",
not the Assyrian people.

I blame every person who has served in the AANF for betraying the Assyrian
people for the past sixty three years.  With "Assyrian" organizations like
the AANF who have done and continue to do so much damage to our nation by
promoting the interests of a few at the expense of our national interests,
who needs enemies?

    G  O  O  D    M  O  R  N  I  N  G    B  E  T - N  A  H  R  A  I   N
(ZNUP: Turkey)  Col. Suleyman Canpolat says Turkey is ending its six-week
military operation against separatist Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq and
has begun withdrawing most of its forces.  More than 40,000 Turkish
soldiers, backed by artillery and air support, swept into northern Iraq on
May 14 in a drive against guerrillas of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers
Party.  It said the operation was launched at the request of Massoud
Barzani, leader of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party, one of the two
rival Kurdish groups jockeying for control of the semi-autonomous region of
northern Iraq.  Canpolat said they "left a support group of trained staff
to help coordinate with Massoud Barzani's forces."  He said Turkish forces
had killed 1,912 PKK rebels and captured 132 during the operation. He put
Turkish losses at 113 dead and 325 wounded.  Previous reports have put PKK
losses at about 3,000 killed and several hundred captured.  Another
military commander said the confessions of some of the arrested rebels have
"made us believe that Greece has started  to pursue a policy of aiding the


(ZNDA: San Jose)  According to a recent report of the Assyrian Democratic
Movement presented last week in San Jose the following information on the
progress of the Assyrian schools in northern Iraq was delivered:

-The publication of the Assyrian books on mathematics and science for
students, grades 1 through 5, continues as "permitted" by the Kurdish

-There are 28 Assyrian schools whose construction efforts were financed
through Assyrian humanitarian aid.  3000 Assyrians students attend these

-11 of the 28 schools teach only Assyrian language; 1800 Assyrian students
study various subjects in the remaining 17 schools (grades 1-5)

-30,000 new books have already been printed in Assyrian

-70 Assyrian university students receive $250.00 per year to attend college
in the city of Arbil.

Some Challenges:

-training new teachers to instruct in Assyrian
-new books are needed for a growing number of Assyrian students
-2 Assyrian university students are unable to attend medical school due to
lack of insufficient funds
-university students need further financial assistance to complete
post-high school education in northern Iraq
                       S   U   R   F   S     U   P   !

"please do not send any more propaganda.  thank you"

Mike Sargis
Vienna, Virginia

"Hi there!  I appreciate the ZENDA's, but this week I got two copies of it.
Just to let you know.  Thanks!"

Timm Erickson

[A simple case of pressing the SEND button one too many times.  Sorry!]

                  S  U  R  F  E  R  S      C  O  R  N  E  R

ZENDA readers are invited to respond to the following request(s) by either
directly writing to the author(s) or sending a reply to ZENDA.

                             MY COUSIN MILTON

Born on 29 June, 1936, in the city of Abadan, Iran, Milton was the eldest
of my Uncle Michael's children.  When his sister, Nora, was born two years
later, his family moved to northwest of Iran and settled in Urmieh.  The
family grew to seven, 3 boys and 4 girls.

After high school Nora went to England for Nursing Training, as I did
later,  and Milton went to Turkey to study medicine.  After two years he
changed his major and came to London to study Electronics Engineering.

I spent five and half years in England and obtained Nursing and Midwifery
Certificates and returned back to my hometown of Abadan.  In 1963 I saw my
cousins in London and we spent quality time together even with our hectic
schedules.  Milton was a very nice young man: easy going, popular, very
handsome.  In 1966 when my mother and I went for a vacation to Europe, we
visited with my cousins again.  Milton was 6 feet, about 180 pounds, brown
eyes and brown hair.  The dimples in his cheeks that showed when he laughed
were his trademark.  By then he had finished school and was living with his

In August of 1967, Nora came to Tehran for a month's vacation leaving
behind Milton to tie loose ends in London and follow her back home to
Tehran. Three weeks passed and there was no sign of Milton.  Nora returned
early to England and started a long period of police, immigration, special
agencies investigations.  Milton had said goodbye to all his friends, his
girlfriend Shiela, the Landlady, and then had disappeared.  Nora could find
no sign of her brother.

Milton vanished and left a big hole in the hearts of his family and
relatives.  Because of his wonderful nature and spirit everyone loved him.
My Uncle Michael, my mother's brother, is 88 years old now and his wife,
aunt Mary, also over 80.  Their greatest wish is to see Milton one more
time.  His brother, Mlooan, lives in San Jose with his wife and son.  Every
time he talks with his parents on the phone, they ask if he has heard
anything.  After 30 years they still have hope.

My cousin Mlooan and I think that through this marvelous communications
miracle of the Internet perhaps someone will read this story and will have
the answer we have been looking for.  We are hoping that other ZENDA
readers will help us find something about our cousin and brother, Milton.
Any news is better than no news.

If anyone has even an old news, please contact ZENDA.  And my family will
be forever gratefull.

Germaine Merza
San Jose, California

-Please note that after his disappearance Milton may have used any of the
following or other forms of his last name:  Amrikhas, Amrikas, Amerikhas,
Amerikas, Americas.
                 N   E   W  S       D   I   G   E   S   T


(ZNDA:  San Jose)  Ninos Aho and Yosip Bet-Yosip are believers; they
believe in the "Modern Assyrian" and the power of "The Prayer of Modern
Assyrian." Their belief emanates from such poems they wrote in the past
quarter of a century and their connection to every Assyrian community in
diaspora.  Aho lives in Syria and Yosip has recently taken residence in San
Jose, California.  Together, they energized a generation of Assyrian
activists from the war-torn fields in the Middle East to the lavish
buildings of the Assyrian community centers in the west.

Two weeks ago, on a calm night in San Jose, their poetry resonated through
the walls of the Assyrian American Association's "Blue Room."  They
produced magic and created a sense of nationalism rarely felt in these last
days of this century.  Indeed they managed to bring tears to the eyes of a
restless crowd.  A sense of truth pervaded the audience for less than two
hours of poetry reading and suddenly it was over: Ninos Aho bid everyone
farewell and urged his listeners to continue "believing."  Aho and
Bet-Yosip are once again apart but the resonance of their poetry lingers in
the still air of hopelessness.

       C   A   L   E   N   D   A   R     OF     E   V   E   N   T   S
Jul 1,1997      In the Presence of the Gods: Art from Ancient Sumer
Mar 8,1998      The Smart Museum of Art
                5550 South Greenwood Avenue
                Free Admission

Jul 7           XLIV Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale
                International Congress of Assyriology and Near Eastern Arch.
                Venice, Italy

Jul 19-20       National Executive Committee Meeting
                Assyrian American National Federation
                Sponsored by the Assyrian American Social Club of Michigan
                Quality Inn
                One West Nine Mile
                Hazel Park, Michigan  48030
                (313) 399-5800
                Rooms are reserved at the rate of $39.95 plus tax.
Jul 20          A Concert by the Assyrian Violinist, David Yonan
                Mathaeikirchstrasse 1
                Musikinstrumenten Museum, Curt-Sachs Saal
                11:00 am

Aug 26-Sep 2    Assyrian American National Convention
                Hyatt Regency Dearborn
                Fairlane Town Center
                Detroit, Michigan
                All Single,double,triple,quad rooms: $95 per day
                Reservations: (313) 982-6880
                Reservations must be made by August 7
                          E  N  T  R  A  C  T  E
July 5          WBO Super Middleweight Championship
                Anwar Oshana vs. Steve Collins
                Glagsow, Scotland

July 12 40th Founding Anniversary Party
                Assyrian Democratic Association
                Ontario, Canada

                A Night Under the Stars:  Romance, Dance, & Fine Dining
                Open Bar, Dinner, Dessert, & complimentary valet parking
                Entertainers:  Franco and the Stars
                Location:  AAA of San Jose BETA (Social Building)
                San Jose, California
                7:00 pm
                $45.00 per person
                For reservations contact Caroline Nasseri at (408) 268-7990
                Tickets will not be sold at the door
                         I N T E L L I G E N T S I A
CHICAGO Syriac Church History Course
                "A New Exposure to the History of Eastern Christianity
                Instructor:  AbdulMasih Saadi
                North Park College
                Carlson Tower, Room C43
                3225 West Foster Avenue
                Chicago, Illinois
                June 25-Aug 13
                7:00-9:00 pm; weekly (9 weeks)
                Registration Fee:  $ 80:00 (tax-deductible)
                Tuition reduced based on financial need.
                1-800-454-8979 or email history@aas.net
                Sponsored by the Assyrian Academic Society of Chicago
                Assyrian Athletic Club Soccer Development Program
                Ages 7-14
                7:45-9:45 pm
                Warren Park Gymnasium
                Western Avenue & Devon Street

HARVARD         1997-98 Syriac Classes Taught by Dr. J.F. Coakley
                Elementary Syriac
                Instructor:  J. F. Coakley
                Basic Syriac grammar and syntax with selected readings from
                the Syriac Bible and other early texts.
                Readings in Syriac I
                Historical and theological texts, and early poetry
                Readings in Syriac II
                Special attention to exegetical texts and to reading            manuscripts.

NORTH           Assyrian Boy Scouts
HOLLYWOOD       Assyrian American Association of Southern California
                Assyrian Club
                5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                North Hollywood, California
                9:30am  to 12:30pm
                Contact Sargon Gewargis @ fishtale@juno.com
                (818) 891-3705 after 7:30 pm
        Assyrian Student Union
                California State University, Northridge
                Assyrian American Association of Southern California
                Assyrian Club
                5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                North Hollywood, California
                Contact Sargon Gewargis @ fishtale@juno.com
                (818) 891-3705 after 7:30 pm

SAN JOSE        Nisibin School
                Assyrian Language Classes
                Ages 5-14
                10:00-1:00 pm
                AAA of San Jose BETA
                20000 Almaden Road
                Assyrian Language Classes (Adults)
                Taught by Dr. Ashur Moradkhan
                7:00-9:00 pm
                AAA of San Jose BETA
                Citizenship Classes
                Mondays & Tuesdays
                7:00 pm
                AAA of San Jose BETA
                20000 Almaden Road
                Maestro Nebu Issabey's Nineveh Choir Practice
                AAA of San Jose BETA
                8:00 pm

TORONTO Nisibis School
                The Church of the East
                Toronto, Canada

      A  S  S  Y  R  I  A  N     S  U  R  F  I  N  G     P  O  S  T  S

Nippur- The Sacred City of Enlil, The Supreme God of Sumer and Akkad:


                    P  U  M  P    UP THE   V O L U M E

                English         Modern Assyrian

                To enable               maam/soo/ye     [M]
                To embitter             maam/roo/re     [M]
            F = Feminine     M = Masculine      P = Plural
                B  A  C  K     TO THE      F  U  T  U  R  E
B.C. (2380) Uru-inim-gina, the ruler of Lagash in southern Mesopotamia, is
attacked by the ruler of Umma.  The temples of Lagash are plundered and its
treasures carried away.  Umma becomes the dominant force and its ruler,
Lugalzagesi, begins moving in all directions to control all of Bet-Nahrain.
 His advance is brought to an end by the rise of Sargon of Akkad (Agade).

<< Babylonians, Saggs >>

A.D. (1146)  The Armenians living in the Assyrian city of Edessa urge the
Frankish ruler, Joscelin, to retake the city.  But the Moslem ruler, Nur
al-Din, brings up his army to Edessa and defeats the European army of
Joscelin.  He then massacres thousands of the native Edessan Christians.

<< The Age of the Crusades, Holt>>

                 L    I    T    E    R    A    T    U    S

                                TID BITS
Like a drop in the ocean of time,
Or the ringing of a tower chime,
One moment's there, then forever lost
Why was it destroyed in its prime?

The next one its twin, but'll not be the same
Same color, same note and same name
But that one is lost forever
Like perfumed breeze of a speeding dame.
<< William Daniel >>
          T  H  I  S    W  E  E  K     I  N    H  I  S  T  O  R  Y

July 4, 1980:  This day was declared the "Assyrian Teacher's Day" to honor
the enormous contributions of Raabie Korosh Benyamin.

                        B     R    A     V     O


"Auntie" Lena Mushell of San Jose, California wrote us the following
message last week:

"Do you want to know how important your magazine is?  Okay, my
sister-in-law is due this week any day.  My dear brother calls on Monday
night at 6:30, telling me that he is going to miss his bus (he works in
Palo alto and lives in south San Jose) because he just got Zenda and has to
print and read it TONIGHT.  So I had to call my sister-in-law and make sure
that if the new king of the Mushells decided to arrive tonight she would
call me to take her to the hospital. :-) "

Today, we're happy to announce that a beautiful baby-boy was born on
Saturday at 8:30 pm to Ramsina and David Eshoe (Lena's brother).  The
future reader of ZENDA was named Pauldin, a name selected from a List of
the Assyrian Names published in a previous issue of ZENDA.  The staff of
ZENDA wish to congratulate the parents of the seven pounds and 3 oz Pauldin
Alka Mushell or as his excited aunt noted - the first-generation Mushell
born in America!
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ZNSM (Shufimafi Lebanese News)
ZNTM (Time Magazine)
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ZNUS (US News & World Report)

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