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Tamuz 7, 6746                   Volume III                       Issue 20            July 7, 1997

       A Weekly Online Publication of the ZENDA Assyrian Newsagency

The Lighthouse.............A Prognosis Through Diagnosis
Good Morning Bet-Nahrain...Assyrian Killed in Baghdad
Surfs Up...................     "you gave me the run around"
Surfers Corner.............     To Our Readers in German-Speaking Countries
                                Fishing Trip with AAS
                                Assyriology in Israel
                                The Truth Magazine
News Digest................     Planet Hollywood in Beirut
Calendar of Events.........     No New Entry
Entracte...................     ADO Founding Party (July 12)
Intelligentsia.............     Meetings and Seminars
Assyrian Surfing Posts.....     Assyrian Websites in Sweden
Pump up the Volume.........     Fullness and Emptiness
Back to the Future.........     Shamshi-Adad I and Mar Ephraim
Literatus..................     The Assyrians & the Iron Age
This Week in History.......     Col. Stafford Prevents Assyrians
Bravo......................     Bet-Eil Assyrian Church
The Directory..............     News Sources
Bshena.....................     Sweden, Holland, and Germany
Salute.....................     Lena, Firas, Michael, Raman, and Adrin


At press time we still have not received the official report of the Second
Congress of the Assyrian Democratic Movement held in May of this year in
northern Iraq.  ZENDA has learned that during the sessions of the Congress
members of the European branches of ADM were questioning the ADM/U.S.
officials on the claims of "mismanagement" and "lack of credibility" noted
in the readers' articles published in ZENDA.  Our readers' inputs were
indeed not exercises in futility as some had pointed.  The debate may well
continue for a long time until an attempt is made to normalize the status
of the Zowaa leadership in the U.S. and Canada through more pervasive
channels of public communication.

                THE   L   I   G   H   T   H   O   U   S   E


Unfortunately the Assyrians have always ben very credulous, simple minded
and naive.  For their own ulterior motive provocation agents, domestic or
foregin, have easily managed to chea, decieve, convince or sway them
towards any desired direction or planned position, thus plays around with
them like hand tools or guinea pigs.  Emotionalism and squeamishness have
often dimmed our vision to reasoning, purpose and self-esteem.  As such we
have never succeeded to complete building up our unfinished projects.  True
judgment has been distored, bias and prejudice taken over.

One of the worst causes of our downfall has been the non-compatibility
between our temporal and religious leaders.  This naturally has had very
serious effect upon the unity of our people.  Such alienating sectarian or
regional names as Maronites, Jacobites, Chaldeans, Talkipies, Alqooshies,
Urumians, and Highlanders have stemmed from dissension on leadership or
superiority.   Today, these very brothers of the same flesh and blood,
believe themselves belonging to an entirely different stock or entity;
everything else but Assyrian.  Whoever has caused this rfit, has done a
terrific job indeed.

We have been oblivious of our devoted leaders an benefactors of the past.
We can be very good actors when following our hero's hearse, or will
volunteer to be pallbearers for him even if we happen to be suffering from
back ache.  How did we feel about him and his honest, sincere services when
he was alive?  No doubt the leaders of the present generation everywhere re
rather apprehensive of this ingrate attitude.  Maybe that is why the great
majority of our ablest men and women have assumed a retiring and
disinterested disposition.  Maybe that is one of the reasons why our
leaders of the day are not as enthusiastic to serve as they used to, or as
they should be. Finally, we have had no systematized or well governed
policies to purse and act upon.

The above criticism is not meant to offend anybody.  On the contrary, it is
my honest feeling that it is to our benefit to find out what ails us, and
what curative measures we should take to better ourselves in the fight for
or survival.  Our blood is tired for lack of iron.  It must be replenished
and revitalized without further delay.   Our bones have become brittle and
fragile for want of lime, a very unhealthy condition that weakens our
entire skeletal framework.  I feel it is my moral duty and obligation to
lot our people know that on close examination our diagnostic card shows
several punch lines which look very much like musical notes.  If played on
some musical instrument, it will sound like "Nearer My God to Thee."
Believe it or not, that is the prognosis.

From an article by the late Malcolm L. Karam which appeared in the July
1964 issue of the Assyrian Star Magazine.  Mr. Karam was the
Editor-in-Chief of the Assyrian Star Magazine and a president of the
Assyrian American National Federation.

    G  O  O  D    M  O  R  N  I  N  G    B  E  T - N  A  H  R  A  I   N
                      ASSYRIAN KILLED IN BAGHDAD

On May 23, 1997, Kamal Kiriakos Ablahad, an Assyrian, was killed in Baghdad
with a shot in his head.  Mr. Ablahad was employed at the residence of
Jamal Al-Tikriti, the son-in-law of Saddam Hussein.

According to the Assyrian International News Agency report, following the
shooting, Mr. Ablahad was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was
pronounced dead. The medical examiner's report declared the death a suicide
and the victim's kidneys were removed for organ transplantation. Mr.
Ablahad's right index and middle fingers were shot off as well.  In leau of
such evidence it is believed that Mr. Ablahad was killed execution style
and that prior to being shot, he had raised his right hand in an attempt to
shield his head and face from the gunshot.  The bullet then passed through
his fingers and head.

                       S   U   R   F   S     U   P   !
"For those of us living in Florida, far from the centers of Assyrian
activity, do you think you could publish one or two of the poems written by
Ninos Aho and Yosip Bet-Yosip, the poets you wrote so glowingly about?

In fact, for those of us so far removed by fate and circumstances, when an
event of this nature occurs, could you share some its substance with those
of us unable to attend? I, for one, would like to be as much a part of the
Assyrian community as my residency in Florida allows.

If you have other Assyrian subscribers in Florida, please let them know of
my e-mail address so I can contact them.


Grace Yohannan
Apopca, Florida

[Per your request we will include Bet-Yosip and Aho poem in our August 4
issue of ZENDA].


"In your latest issue of ZENDA you have the AAS history class listed as
'Syriac Church History Class.' After giving it some thought, we have
recently renamed this course to "Eastern Church History Class" because
'Syriac' is a technical term used by Western Scholars to describe,
specifically, the language of the Assyrian people. It does not describe a
Church, a community, a nation, etc. Just thought you would like to know."

Raman Michael
Chairman of Public Relations
Assyrian Academic Society
Chicago, Illinois


"This week's Zenda is AWESOME!"

Ramin Daniels
San Jose, California


"I hope that the Zenda staff is planning on doing something special for
the first ever Zenda Baby!!!!"

Vian Younan
The Dominicans

[How about a one-year subscription to ZENDA Vol XXI.]


"On May 17 , 1997 @ 6:29 PM regarding my post on AAA club of San Jose , YOU
WROTE : "Dear Frederick  Please note that your message was posted on
AssyriaLink and cannot be posted in ZENDA.  ZENDA newsletter only publishes
original messages sent directly to our mailbox.  Please feel free to submit
a new message. Staff of ZENDA"

You gave me the run around for so long and tried so hard to make the
article look like some sort of an attack on certain members of AAA club ,
which you are a member of too ,diverting the attention from the real reason
why that post was written. Yet in today's ZENDA vol. III , # 19 dated
6/30/97, you published an article by Ashur Simon Malek , titled 'CONFLICT
OF INTEREST', which was posted on Assyrian link on 6/28/97 . This behavior
on your part is a conflict of interest , it is simply telling me that you
publish what you like .And that is very dangerous."

[ZENDA urges its readers to submit articles not previously published in
other Internet sites.  Meanwhile, it reserves the right to publish any
articles it deems suitable for its general readership.]


"Your last issue (June 30) included a section astutely titled 'Clear and
Present Dangers: 3 Critiques of Today’s Assyrian Organizations'.  I am
afraid that the problem is far worse than the average Assyrian realizes.
The three 'critiques' are telling for what they point out.

(1)  Dorina GOLPASHIN assumes that leaders of Assyrian organizations abide
by an honorable understanding that they are meant to serve and to inform
the people.  She refers to the example of the Benjamin Adams Will.
Unfortunately, Golpashin is much too flattering in what she expects of the
'leaders' affected by that Will. I shall return to this in a moment.

(2)  Ashour Simon MALEK refers to some of the Assyrian leaders in Canada.
He claims they have routinely acted in disregard of conflict of interest.
He describes this as unethical. He wonders how some even-handed overseeing
might be instituted.

(3)  Ramin DANIELS targets his comments at the Assyrian American National
Federation. If ever there was an organization in search of an identity, it
has to be this one.   Daniels correctly observes that the AANF has never
served the Assyrian people as such.  It has been nothing more than the
distillation of a group of affiliates, many of them ragtag in the full
sense of that term.  These affiliates, said to be around 30 in number,
consist of large units such as the one located in Turlock, to others which
are best described as 'paper' organizations, i.e., groups which supposedly
have at least 20 'members', but which in reality are nothing more than the
preserve or one or two persons.

The Federation is in sore need of internal redesigning. Without such
streamlining, it can never be in a position to develop sensible, long-term
projects. Under the present circumstances, it is well-nigh impossible for
AANF to adopt a relevant agenda.  For this reason, the principal business
of the AANF as it flits coast-to-coast for its NEC meetings is to amend
inane by-laws relating mostly to the venue and arrangements for the next
annual sha’ara (social celebration).
Let me return briefly to the issue of the Benjamin Adams Will.  As many
know, I have been writing about the performance and the behavior of 6
Assyrian organizations who have been named to receive sizeable sums under
this Will.  After making some simple inquiries of these six groups about
their plans for the funds, only the Assyrian American Association of
Southern California (AAASC) demonstrated a sensitivity for the right of the
Assyrian people to know how these trust monies will be spent.  The farcical
reaction of the other five more than reinforces the criticisms which have
appeared in Zenda and elsewhere.
The most disgraceful performance of any of these organizations has been
that of Zowaa and its non-profit spin-off, the Assyrian Aid Society.
Lincoln Malik is the head of Zowaa in North America. Malik and local
supporters of ADM met in San Jose just a few days ago, to hear his report
on the situation in north Iraq following his recent visit. In the
discussion period, he was asked about questions which have been posed
regarding the Benjamin Adams Will.  Pointing to my columns in 'Kibitzer',
Malik described me as 'anti-Zowaa'.
The other name for ZOWAA is 'Assyrian DEMOCRATIC Movement'.  I write the
word DEMOCRATIC in capital letters, because Mr. Malik should be ashamed for
ignoring it. Although he is by no means the first of our Bonapartist
manques, certainly with his education he ought to make an effort to
distinguish between dissent and betrayal.  What exactly has been this 'stab
in the back' by me?  As far as I know, I have only tried to indulge in
critical thinking.  Even when I have passed judgment on some of the other
organizations, I have refrained from doing so in the case of Zowaa.  No
matter that. What is unforgivable is that I have even dared to ask Malik
and his coterie for a simple explanation about their plans for these Will
funds. The Will explicitly limits the use of these funds. Not surprisingly,
it is a matter of Assyrian public interest to know what will be done with
the monies.
Not satisfied to besmirch me as 'anti-Zowaa', Malik at the same meeting
described me as an opportunist who took advantage of Zowaa hospitality in
north Iraq by misrepresenting that I was a 'friend' of Malik.  This is
patently untrue, and it does a disservice to Zowaa in north Iraq.
Assyrians should know that anytime they choose to travel to that area, they
will be warmly received by various Assyrian constituencies, including the
people from Zowaa. In fact, overseas Assyrians are urged to visit there.
This is not only a way to boost Assyrian morale in the homeland, but it
also has merit in the perception it leaves with the Kurdish majority about
our concern for our brothers who are there.
In the small world of Assyrian activists, I include among my friends the
many members of the Zowaa community in Iraq, in Syria, in the U.K., and in
the U.S.  By his pettiness, Malik more than validates the judgment of many
others who have written that he does not deserve the mantle of spokesman
for Zowaa."

Francis Sarguis
Santa Barbara


"Shlomo/shlama.ahunone oromoyo/athuroye/kaldoye...!

I got your letter ahunone. I really became very glad to know about my
brothers Athuroye.  I'm from TOR*ABDIN qritho qusnoyo, I'm 26 years and I
studied Suryoyo in TOR*ABDIN and i speak Turkish, Kurdish, and Arabic a
little bit...I have lived in Sweden for 6 years.  At present the most that
interest me is to know more about my brothers and sisters athuraye
kaldaye... me if you ask I'm suryoyo, but I think the main thing is not
name the important things are to close each other love eachother, to
reconciliation if we really want to exist as one nation one flag, one God..
So I wish you successful future and happy days. And Liberation for our
mother BETH_NAHRIN that I miss 24 hours.  bye bye until further I send
you more about me and my proposals and point.....

Iskender Aryo

                  S  U  R  F  E  R  S      C  O  R  N  E  R

ZENDA readers are invited to respond to the following request(s) by either
directly writing to the author(s) or sending a reply to ZENDA.


Lieber Leser/ liebe Leserin,

Es waere sehr nett, wenn Du den selben text ohne benutzung von Umlaute uns
zuschickst, denn sonst ist es unmoeglich den zu lesen. Alles, was Du tun
solltest, waere die Umlaute wie auf der Schreibmaschine zu schreiben, d.h.
"ae" oder "oe" oder "ue". Dann koennten wir dein Text verstehen,
uebersetzen und in der naechsten Ausgabe erscheinen lassen.

Danke im vorraus fuer die Bemuehung und das Mitarbeiten

ZENDA Mitarbeiter

                         GONE FISHING WITH AAS

To ZENDA Readers in San Jose and the Bay Area:

For those of you who love to Fish, here is an opportunity to fish with
your Assyrian brothers and help in raising money for our people back
at homeland.  Assyrian Aid Society of San Jose present the first fishing trip

Date:  July 12th, 1997    Price: $40.00

The ship will be leaving from Santa Cruz Boardwalk at 6:00 am and return at
2:00 pm.  Seats are limited to 24 peoples only. For registration and
direction please contact Youkie Khaninia at

408 226-9724 home     415-968-9241 work

Assyrian Aid Society of America
San Jose, California

                         ASSYRLIOLOGY IN ISREAL

We are happy to announce the establishment of the "Israel Society for
Assyriology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies" (ISAANES).  The founding
meeting was held 18 June, 1997 at Bar-Ilan University, hosted by the Samuel
Noah Kramer Institute of Assyriology.  The meeting was chaired by Jacob
Klein. Pinhas Artzi offered opening remarks concerning the goals of the
organization. He was followed by Hayim Tadmor who presented some personal
reflections of the development of Assyriology in Israel and then read a
paper on "Assyrian and Babylonian Royal Inscriptions- An Interim
Assessment."  The lecture was followed by a discussion of the goals and
organization of the new  society.
The goals of the society are "To develop and promote the scientific study
and academic instruction in Israel of Assyriology and ancient near eastern
studies on the basis of primary epigraphic sources; to encourage
cooperation between Assyriology and scholars in other areas of ancient
near eastern studies both in Israel and abroad; to hold scientific
conferences; to encourage cooperation with parallel organizations outside
Israel; to foster public knowledge of the ancient near east."
For further information contact:
The  Israel Society for Assyriology
c/o S. N. Kramer Institute of Assyriology
Bar-Ilan University
Ramat-Gan 52900
Avigdor Horovitz at victor@bgumail.bgu.ac.il


The Shamiram Assyrian Association Inc. of Canada is now preparing its first
Assyrian magazine in Hamilton- "The Truth" - expected to be out of print in
the beginning of July 1997.

Shamasha Moshi Sarkis, the Association president, is an outspoken member of
the Assyrian community on the reform and development of the Assyrian
schools and social issues.  Formerly a Captain in the Assyrian Levies (A
British-trained Assyrian army in the Middle-East during WWII) Sarkis has
been sharing his experience, his wisdom, his devotion, and his energy for
our Assyrian community in Canada.  He has also produced and managed the
first Assyrian TV in Hamilton, Canada from 1993 through 1994.

Currently, Shamasha Moshi Sarkis is attending McMaster University in
Hamilton, Ontario, and studies Theology while performing his weekly church
duties.  His teaching over many years of Assyrian language (grammar,
reading, spelling, writing) has brought many benefits to our Assyrian youth
in Hamilton.

Please feel free to send your articles, news or any announcements of
activities about our Assyrian community to the Shamiram organization.

For further information regarding the "The Truth" Magazine, please contact
the organization or call Shamasha Moshi direct at his home number (905)
318-6174.  You may also email the organization at the following address:

The Organization's mailing address:
Shamiram Assyrian Association of Canada Inc.
Box 37003, Barton Postal Outlet
Hamilton, Ontario   L8L-8E9

Ashur Simon Malek
Ontario, Canada

                 N   E   W  S       D   I   G   E   S   T


(ZNSM: Beirut) Lebanese businessman Khaled Ali Mammoud, owner of Center
Point SAL, announced that his company will open a Planet Hollywood
restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon next year. The restaurant, which will be
located in Verdun, will be 49 percent owned by Saudi prince al-Waleed bin
Talal.  Mr. Hammoud said that superstar Michael Jackson will attend the
official opening in 1998, and that "a host of stars will be arriving each
week to donate memorabilia."

                    Z   I   G   G   U   R    A  T
Am Samstag, 12. Juli 1997 (12.04.6747) feiert die
Assyrisch Demokratische Organisation (ADO) -Deutsche Sektion-
ihr 40jaeriges Bestehen
im Saal der syrisch-orthodoxen Kirche in
Willy-Brandt-Allee 14
65187 Wiesbaden
Saengerin: Juliana Jendo
       C   A   L   E   N   D   A   R     OF     E   V   E   N   T   S
Jul 1,1997      In the Presence of the Gods: Art from Ancient Sumer
Mar 8,1998      The Smart Museum of Art
                5550 South Greenwood Avenue
                Free Admission

Jul 7           XLIV Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale
                International Congress of Assyriology and Near Eastern Arch.
                Venice, Italy

Jul 19-20       National Executive Committee Meeting
                Assyrian American National Federation
                Sponsored by the Assyrian American Social Club of Michigan
                Quality Inn
                One West Nine Mile
                Hazel Park, Michigan  48030
                (313) 399-5800
                Rooms are reserved at the rate of $39.95 plus tax.
Jul 20          A Concert by the Assyrian Violinist, David Yonan
                Mathaeikirchstrasse 1
                Musikinstrumenten Museum, Curt-Sachs Saal
                11:00 am

Aug 26-Sep 2    Assyrian American National Convention
                Hyatt Regency Dearborn
                Fairlane Town Center
                Detroit, Michigan
                All Single,double,triple,quad rooms: $95 per day
                Reservations: (313) 982-6880
                Reservations must be made by August 7
                          E  N  T  R  A  C  T  E
July 12 40th Founding Anniversary Party
                Assyrian Democratic Association
                Ontario, Canada
                40th Founding Anniversary Party
                Assyrian Democratic Association
                Willy-Brandt-Allee 14
                65187 Wiesbaden
                Entertainer:  Juliana Jendo
                A Night Under the Stars:  Romance, Dance, & Fine Dining
                Open Bar, Dinner, Dessert, & complimentary valet parking
                Entertainers:  Franco and the Stars
                Location:  AAA of San Jose BETA (Social Building)
                San Jose, California
                7:00 pm
                $45.00 per person
                For reservations contact Caroline Nasseri at (408) 268-7990
                Tickets will not be sold at the door
                         I N T E L L I G E N T S I A
CHICAGO Eastern Church History Class
                "A New Exposure to the History of Eastern Christianity
                Instructor:  AbdulMasih Saadi
                North Park College
                Carlson Tower, Room C43
                3225 West Foster Avenue
                Chicago, Illinois
                June 25-Aug 13
                7:00-9:00 pm; weekly (9 weeks)
                Registration Fee:  $ 80:00 (tax-deductible)
                Tuition reduced based on financial need.
                1-800-454-8979 or email history@aas.net
                Sponsored by the Assyrian Academic Society of Chicago
                Assyrian Athletic Club Soccer Development Program
                Ages 7-14
                7:45-9:45 pm
                Warren Park Gymnasium
                Western Avenue & Devon Street

HARVARD         1997-98 Syriac Classes Taught by Dr. J.F. Coakley
                Elementary Syriac
                Instructor:  J. F. Coakley
                Basic Syriac grammar and syntax with selected readings from
                the Syriac Bible and other early texts.
                Readings in Syriac I
                Historical and theological texts, and early poetry
                Readings in Syriac II
                Special attention to exegetical texts and to reading manuscripts.

NORTH           Assyrian Boy Scouts
HOLLYWOOD       Assyrian American Association of Southern California
                Assyrian Club
                5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                North Hollywood, California
                9:30am  to 12:30pm
                Contact Sargon Gewargis @ fishtale@juno.com
                (818) 891-3705 after 7:30 pm
        Assyrian Student Union
                California State University, Northridge
                Assyrian American Association of Southern California
                Assyrian Club
                5901 Cahuenga Blvd
                North Hollywood, California
                Contact Sargon Gewargis @ fishtale@juno.com
                (818) 891-3705 after 7:30 pm

SAN JOSE        Nisibin School
                Assyrian Language Classes
                Ages 5-14
                10:00-1:00 pm
                AAA of San Jose BETA
                20000 Almaden Road
                Assyrian Language Classes (Adults)
                Taught by Dr. Ashur Moradkhan
                7:00-9:00 pm
                AAA of San Jose BETA
                Citizenship Classes
                Mondays & Tuesdays
                7:00 pm
                AAA of San Jose BETA
                20000 Almaden Road
                Maestro Nebu Issabey's Nineveh Choir Practice
                AAA of San Jose BETA
                8:00 pm

TORONTO Nisibis School
                The Church of the East
                Toronto, Canada

      A  S  S  Y  R  I  A  N     S  U  R  F  I  N  G     P  O  S  T  S

Assyrian Youth Network Union (Central Europe)


An Assyrian Website in Swedish


                    P  U  M  P    UP THE   V O L U M E

                English         Modern Assyrian

                Fullness                mil/yoo/ta      [F]
                Emptiness               shri/qoo/ta     [F]
            F = Feminine     M = Masculine      P = Plural
                B  A  C  K     TO THE      F  U  T  U  R  E
B.C. (1813) Shamshi-Adad I reigns in Assyria from Shechna in the upper
Euphrates River region, or more precisely upper Khabur River.  He called
his capital Shubat-Enlil or "where Enlil dwells."

<< Assyrian Origins, Harper, et al>>

A.D. (373) dies, Mar Ephraim (Ephrem Syrus), the most voluminous and
widely-read of all Assyrian theologians and scholars.

<< The Death of a Nation, Yohannan >>

                 L    I    T    E    R    A    T    U    S
                     THE ASSYRIANS AND THE IRON AGE
                            (1245-606  B.C.)

Myth:  The Assyrians only existed for a short period of time in the history
of Mesopotamia and have no more claim to it than the claim of Persians,
Arabs or Ottomans for example.
FACT: From "The Arts of Assyria", By Andre Parrot, Golden Press, New York,
1961, Chapter 1, page 1
THE Assyrians, who gained control over Mesopotamia in the thirteenth
century B.C.  were by no means newcomers to the region. Indeed, of all the
that had dominated Mesopotamia during the previous two thousand years, none
had an older claim to the country than they. We find them dwelling in the
Upper Tigris region at the very dawn of history and an inscribed tablet of
the eighth century B.C. lists the names of no less than one hundred and
seven Assyrian kings. In all, from the earliest times to the downfall of
the Assyrian empire, one hundred and sixteen kings successively occupied
the throne of Assur. This continuity is all the more remarkable when we
compare it with the eleven kings of Akkad, the five of the Third Dynasty of
Ur, the eleven of the First Dynasty of Babylon and even the thirty-six
Kassite monarchs. This is not to say that Assyria enjoyed independence,
still less hegemony, throughout the period. Several times Assur and Nineveh
came  under foreign rule; Akkadians and Sumerians occupied both cities for
a while.  Nevertheless Assyria preserved her racial integrity and lost
nothing of that spirit of enterprise which had led her to found trading
stations and colonies in far-off Anatolia in the late third and early
second millennium B.C.
Note: An Assyrian king list (compiles by Wilfred Alkhas) is available at
          T  H  I  S    W  E  E  K     I  N    H  I  S  T  O  R  Y

July 10, 1933:  Col Stafford, a British officer in Iraq, threatens the more
than 100 Assyrian tribal leaders to prevent them from their crossing into
Syrian territory under the French protection.

                        B     R    A     V     O


Bet-Eil Assyrian Church in San Jose, California has donated Three Hundred
U.S. Dollars to Shamasha Youna Hermez Trust Fund since May 1997.  Other
members of this congregation had previously donated to this Trust Fund
noted in a previous issue of ZENDA.  All such donations are distributed
through the Welfare Committee of this non-denominational Assyrian church.

Shamasha Yonan Hurmiz Trust Fund
1839 Albion Road
Rexdale, Ontario
Account # 555-820-955-884

                        the   D I  R  E  C  T  O  R  Y
ZNAA (Assyrian Academic Society-Chicago)
ZNAD (Assyrian Democratic Organization)
ZNAM (Archeology Magazine)
ZNAP (Associated Press International)
ZNBN (Bet-Nahrain Inc/ KBSV-TV "AssyriaVision")
ZNDA (Zenda: zenda@ix.netcom.com)
ZNMN (San Jose Mercury News)
ZNNQ (Nabu Quarterly)
ZNNV (Nineveh Magazine)
ZNRU (Reuters)
ZNSH (Shotapouta Newsletter)
ZNSJ (San Jose Mercury News)
ZNSM (Shufimafi Lebanese News)
ZNTM (Time Magazine)
ZNUP (United Press International)
ZNUS (US News & World Report)

          W   E   L   C   O   M   E     T O     Z   E   N   D   A
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