Vol IV, Issue 1

Adaar 2, 6747                   March 2, 1998

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The Lighthouse The Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society- Revisited
Good Morning Bet-Nahrain CIA Has A Plan to Oust Saddam
Surfs Up "Bon Anniversaire"
Surfers Corner Fundraising Campaign for Assyrian Community in Canada
The New VovAlep Calendar
News Digest Iraqi Christian Man Accused of Smuggling Middle Easterners
Assyrian Surfing Posts Write & Sort in Assyrian/Syriac
Pump up the Volume Weak & Feeble
Back to the Future The Coalition Against Shalmenasar & Alphonse Mingana
Literatus They Gave Their Services Freely
This Week in History The 1966 Murder of Assyrian Youth in Iraq
Bravo Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding




Before expressing a commitment to inform ZENDA readers about the future publication and scholarly direction of the Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society, I feel obliged to pause briefly and address key points illumined by Dr. Robert Paulissian, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Assyrian Academic Studies in ZENDA, dated 2/16/98, Vol. III, issue 47.  A thoughtful and sensitive reconstruction of the subject matter at hand is required at this time to effectively communicate the perspective shared and maintained by the Assyrian Academic Society.

It is our belief that the linkage between the Society and the publication of the Journal is improperly defined as a "loose affiliation," since the AAS played a pivotal role in the life of the Journal from its
very inception.  The Assyrian Academic Society was never indifferent to the needs of the Journal at any given point in time, nor did the Society remain a ghostly figure in the relationship between itself and the
Editorial Board.

Dr. Robert Paulissian wrote that the name of "Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society" was changed to "Journal of the Assyrian Academic Studies" in order to "eliminate any ambiguities between the eponymous Journal and the Society."  To the contrary.  The Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society was wholeheartedly supported by the AAS as an integral literary publication.  This is clearly evinced by the inside cover of all issues (with the exception of the two most recently published) which specifically allude to 'JAAS' as, "A Publication of the Assyrian Academic Society."  More importantly, the publication of the Journal was funded by the Assyrian Academic Society.  This is hardly a "loose affiliation."

Since both Journals are using 'JAAS' as the acronym, it is worthwhile to emphasize that there are two separate Editorial Boards governing and authorizing the functions of each Journal whose distinct titles should be noted separately and not to be confused.  A new Editorial Board has been selected to continue the publication of the "Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society."

For the record, I, along with every AAS Officer, both past and present, can personally attest to the judicious scholarship fostered by the Editorial team of Dr. Robert Paulissian.  In no way, shape or form,
has the AAS ever disputed the breadth of their undertaking for so many years.  The confidence engendered on their behalf to produce a literary journal committed to Assyrian studies is commendable and greatly appreciated on our part.  Much to our dismay, we could not remain associated as one unit. The Editors desired complete autonomy and independence, and the AAS respected their decision to part ways.  As they embark on their literary journey, I would like to graciously thank Dr. Edward Odisho for pioneering the dual task of establishing an Assyrian academic organization and its attendant journal from the outset.  I would also like to thank Dr. Robert Paulissian and his Editorial team for many years of dedicated service.  The Assyrian Academic Society extends its best wishes to the JAAStudies editors and welcomes the opportunity to exchange a balanced and productive dialogue at all times.  This is our
olive branch and we extend it with our respects intact.

The transition of editorship from the previous board's stewardship into the embrace of the newly selected JAASociety editorial board has resulted in significant changes.  The structure of the Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society will differ from that of its predecessors.  The JAASociety is comprised of Editor-in-Chief, (2) English Language Editors, (2) Assyrian Language Editors, and (1) Technical Editor.
The AAS is currently in the process of selecting an Editorial Advisory Board whose academic and cultural background is expected to be diverse and inclusive of most Assyrian ethnic and religious denominations.  The Advisory Board will meet and consult with the Journal Editors and the AAS Board of Directors periodically.

Importantly, guidelines governing the relationship between JAASociety's editorial board and the AAS have been drafted to ensure the security of "JAASociety" as a sub-committee directly linked to the Assyrian Academic Society's Publication Committee.  Under no circumstances will the relationship between JAASociety's Editorial Board and the AAS be held as mutually exclusive.  The AAS retains the right to communicate and meet with the editors on a regular basis to exchange a dialogue of support and to also share a commonality of understanding with respect to editorial responsibility to publish articles that are framed within a scholarly interpretation of ideas and criticism.

The Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society will ably be assisted by a strong team of editors whose experiences in research and writing, coupled with their editing expertise promises to enliven the advantages of a shared workload.  The Editors will endorse intellectual diversity of ideas and topical areas of research by broadening the scope of the Journal to encourage stronger linkages between multi-disciplinary fields of study and academic interests such as, Assyrian Ethnography, Sociological inquiry into Assyrian culture and society, assimilation and acculturation, religious diversification, art and archeology, women and family history, folklore, music, and modern day issues as they pertain to Assyrian communities in the Diaspora.  In order to maintain the integrity of the Journal and secure its future as an academic enterprise, the JAASociety Editors aspire to disseminate scholarship that is reliable, present knowledge that is responsible and authoritative.

It will be an honor and a privilege to produce the Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society with collective fortitude. We look forward to rolling up our sleeves to do the work, bask in this ambitious undertaking as we share the fruits of our labor with ZENDA readers worldwide.  The Assyrian Academic Society welcomes your ideas and values your support.

Nadia E. Joseph
Assyrian Academic Society
Chicago, Illinois
Journal of the Assyrian Academic Society
Editorial Board

Nadia E. Joseph

English Language Editors
Edwin T. Gania
David G. Malick

Assyrian Language Editors
Raabi Oraham Yalda Oraham
Raabi Zia Nimrod Kanoon

Technical Editor
Firas Jatou

Subsription Information

Journal Division
Assyrian Academic Society
P.O. Box 3541
Skokie, IL 60076
Attention: Nadia E. Joseph

Next issue to be published in May of 1998.




(ZNAF:  Washington D.C.) Top U.S. Senators said yesterday that the Clinton administration should change its policy toward Iraq and actively seek the ouster of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has drafted a plan aimed at ousting Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein from power, The New York Times reported last Thursday, citing US government officials.  Some close advisors to President Bill Clinton are skeptical of the plan, deeming that it has no more chance of succeeding than four others the agency has carried out since the end of the Gulf War, the Times said.

The new plan, which is still in the draft stage, calls for using Kurdish and Shiite Muslim agents to damage or destroy key sources of Iraqi economic and political power, like utility plants or government broadcast stations, the daily said.  And propaganda programs like "Radio Free Iraq" would be broadcast into Baghdad in a bid to increase political pressure on Saddam.  The plan's goal is to weaken the Iraqi leader "by showing Iraqi citizens that he is not invincible, strengthening his opponents inside Iraq and trying to ignite a rebellion within his inner circle," the Times said.


"Bon anniversaire to Zenda and congratulations...Shouharit Sourayed dounyi. I'm very flattered to be one of the readers of your magazine...Keep up your good work and stay passionate; this world needs more people like you."

Nineveh Pianin

"Happy Birthday Dear Zenda.  Bkhailed Alaha 1000000000000 Shene, amen.  God bless Zenda Staff for the great job that they're doing, and serving our Great Nation ATOR.  Bet Yaldakh Hawe Breekha, ZENDA!"

Youkhanna Khzyran

"Happy Birthday ZENDA! I hope it lasts until Jesus comes again!  You are hard workers and I admire you for it. Congratulations.  Suggestion: Reading Zenda's articles in Bold or uppercase is heavy on the eyes and makes them tired and heavy. Is it possible to send them in another way? I don't want to force my suggestion, you can have other readers ideas too.  Thank you for your concern."

Doris Babassi
San Jose, California

This week we are publishing our issue using larger, black and "normal" font, avoiding Bold and Uppercase.  We would like to hear from our readers.  Send us your comments and help us make reading our magazine an even more enjoyable experience.




Dear Assyrians:

How do you measure Success?  At the Welfare Committee For The Assyrian Community, we measure it by the improvement we've made in a person's life, and in turn, improving the standing of our Assyrian community in Canada.  Every year we see more success stories being written, but every year, we also see more people who need our help.  That's why we are writing to ask for your contribution to our annual fundraising drive.

During the past 25 years, our organization has sponsored and helped thousands of our Assyrian brethern to enter Canada for permanent settlement.  Even today, we are struggling to help those who are displaced outside of their original country of residence to reach and resettle here in Canada.  The resettlement of our people in this country has been successful due to sacrifice and hard work and could not have been done without the sincere and generous assistance of many of you.  We are certain that you will continue with your help and encouragement towards our displaced and needy Assyrians al all times.

We are indeed proud to say that the majority of those who were sponsored through our organization have successfully established themselves here in this country; some have attained higher educational levels, while others have established themselves in various types of small businesses, while the majority are earning their incomes as skilled employees.

You will remember that during 1991-1992 a great number of Assyrians were admitted to Canada, and due to poor economic conditions in this country, a number of people sought welfare assistance, and as a result we ended up paying out of our funds about $140,000.00 in support of those in need of assistance until the completion of 12 months from date of their arrival here, in accordance with the terms of our agreement  with the Canada Immigration Department.  This led to temporary suspension of our program.

Presently, we are sponsoring people as a Constituent Group under the auspices of the United Church of Canada, and in order to prevent people going to Welfare, we made arrangements to ensure that funds were available for the assistance of new arrivals for a period of 12 months.  However, we are encouraged to re-apply to become independent organization to deal direct with Canada Immigration with regard to private sponsorship program.

Therefore, for our organization to regain its effectiveness as a leading and independent Private sponsoring entity, it is necessary to prove that we have a substantial amount of funds which we hope to raise in this our 1997 fundraising campaign.  In order to enable us to submit 100 application in a calendar year, we are aiming at a target of $250,000 (CAN) to be raised as contributions from our Assyrian community in Canada.  Such contributions should be made voluntarily and without any conditions, and a tax receipt will be issued to all the donors to this campaign.

Funds raised will be used to enhance our sponsorship program, and also to assist newly arrived Assyrians in their resettlement and integration into Canadian society.  We also hope to establish a cultural center to provide our newcomers cultural and social activities and various services that may be necessary.

The history of this organization goes back some 25 years ago, and during this long period thousands of displaced Assyrians have entered and resettled in Canada through the good efforts of many of you who have served in this organization, with honesty and integrity.  We depend on your continued support so that we may in turn continue to serve our people even better than before, especially helping our displaced and needy Assyrians to be sponsored and resettled in this beautiful free country.

We look forard to receiving your donation to this worthy and humanitarian project with our sincere thanks and appreciation.  An official tax receipt will be issued to you on receipt of your donation.

God Bless you all.

Welfare Committee For The Assyrian Community in Canada
964 Albion Rd., Suite 102, Rexdale, Ontario
M9V-1A7  Canada   -Tel. (416) 741-8836


VovAlep has done it again.  Filled with articles, useful information, and beautifully designed, the 1998-99 Assyrian Calendar is now available for only $10.00 from VovAlep in the United States.  Moreover, VovAlep is extending a Assyrian year-end special offer:  To make room for the 1998 PRODUCT LINES all VovAlep Tees and Sweatshirts are now offered at %50 discount.  And the savings don't stop here:  Jewelry, Replicas and Collectibles are available at 20% off.

To order by Phone:  909.982.7237   By Fax:     909.982.7217     By Email: info@vovalep.com
By Mail:  P.O. Box 878, Claremont, CA 91711      Visit our Homepage at:   www.vovalep.com



(ZNLT:  Houston)  A former Olympic athlete from Iraq has been charged with running a global scheme to smuggle hundred of Middle Easterners into the United States, according to Justice Department officials in El Paso, Texas, where a federal indictment was unsealed last Thursday.

George Tajirian, 56, is a Mexico City resident who was a bicyclist on Iraq's 1968 Olympic team, allegedly used his travel agencies in Cuba and Ecuador to smuggle more than 250 illegal immigrants across the Texas-Mexico border over the past two years- most of them from the Arab countries.  Tajirian is held at a federal detention and faces upto 70 years in prison.

According to the indictment, Tajirian allegedly flew around the world to meet his customers, charging them from $10,000 to $15,000 apiece for counterfeit documents, then transporting them from the Middle East across South or Central America to the Texas border.  For a few additional fee, $4,000 to $10,000, he guided them to their final destination which included Detroit, New York, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles.  Tajirian may have been smuggling as long as 20 years.



Thru March 8


In the Presence of the Gods: 
Art from Ancient Sumer 
The Smart Museum of Art 
5550 South Greenwood Avenue 
Free Admission

A presentation of 43 4,500-year-old Sumerian temple offerings, including statues from Tell Asmar, tablets, carved stone vessels, and relief panels showing banquet scenes. 

March 14-17


Oral and Written Assyrian-English Code switching: Nationalism versus Assimilation

By Erica McClure

1998 Annual Conference
The Renaissance Madison Hotel

-during the Preliminary Program

March 27


Kha B'Neesan Party (Assyrian New Year)
Assyrian American Association of San Jose
San Jose Athletic Club
Entertainer:  Ogen

April 5


Kha B'Neesan Parade 

May 22-25


Assyrian State Convention of California
Sponsored by the Assyrian United Organizations of California
Host:  Assyrian American Civic Club of California

May 23


The Fourth Assyrian Community Networking Conference
Organized by:  Nineveh On Line
1:00 PM
DoubleTree Hotel (Formerly Red Lion Inn)
Center Plaza, Modesto

July 4


Assyrian Olympic Games 



Write & Sort in Assyrian/Syriac




Weak in Spirit:  nweela b'rookha
Feeble Thoughts:  takhmanyateh mkheeleh



BC (853)

The first time Assyrians engage warfare with a Biblical kingdom was at the time of Shalmaneser III's advance through Syria towards Lebanon and Palestine.  The local rulers formed a regional alliance to block his advance.  Ahab, king of Israel, contributes 2000 chariots and 10,000 men.  After a battle, the Assyrian king claims victory and the coalition of rulers against Assyria falls apart.

Assyrian Sculpture, Reade

AD (1902)

Awgin Manna, a teacher of Syriac and Arabic in the Mosul Seminary, is consecrated bishop.  The Patriarch then decides to elevate Alphonse Mingana as the new Teacher of Syriac at the Seminary.

Alphonse Mingana, Samir




It is clearly our duty to fulfill promises made to people who stood by us when we were in urgent need of all the help forthcoming.

We did not have too many staunch and loyal friends in the East in 1918.  Few people realize what your unfortunate people suffered and are still suffering in return for their loyalty to England.  I will do my best to make known the terrible hardships they suffered under my own eyes.  Never shall I forget that retreat from Urumia when I met the panic stricken people on Bidjar Road and never do I want to see anything like it again.

One thing is now certain and that is they cannot be left to the tender mercies of the Arabs, whose one ambition in life appears to be to destroy them.  This of course, was very obvious to anyone who cared to think long before the last trouble.

They gave their services freely,  not to the Arab, but to the British Government, in the hope that a measure of justice would some day be vouchsafed to them.  We had used them so freely against Turks, Arabs, and Kurds alike.

Colonel J.J. McCarthy [A letter to the Assyrian Patriarch]
Head of the British Military Mission to Persia
World War I



March 2, 1966:  The Baathist government in Baghdad executes the killing of three Assyrian youth, Yousif Zibari, Yubert Shleemon, & Youkhana Jajoo.




 EMEU is an informal fellowship of North American evangelical Christians committed to dialogue which seeks mutual understanding, respoect and friendship between Middle Eastern and Western Christians.  In 1995 a Center for Middle East Studies was created in the North Park University and Seminary in the northern reaches of Chicago.  Under the direction of the Rev. Dr. Donald E. Wagner, the Center has played a unique role in bringing better understanding of Christianity in the Middle East.  The following programs have already been developed:  a lecture series which brings five religious and political analysts to the campus each year; a minor in Middle Eastern Studies, and consultation services to churches and educational organizations on programs or research related to the Middle East.

A conference, organized by EMEU, was held between November 6 and 8, 1997 in Houston, Texas, entitled "Mission Today Where Mission Began."  The future of Christianity in the Middle East was discussed by several noted theologians, political and religious analysts including Dr. Habib Badr from Lebanon; Dr. Dudley Woodberry, Dean of Fuller Theological Seminary; and Aida Faris, Founder and Director of the Center for Middle East Studies in New York.

To find out more about EMEU call 773-244-5786.




Integrated Systems, Inc.


McMaster University 

Mohawk College





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