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Volume VIII
Issue 2
February 11, 2002
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cover photo
cover photo

  George Bit-Atanous: The Man Behind the Assyrian Flag
  Iraq Forcing Kirkuk Assyrians Out, Says Zowaa

Assyrian Man Holds Up California Apartment For Five Hours
St. Peter Parish In New York Purchases New Building
Craig Realty Group Planning to Remodel and Expand Citadel
Obituary: Leontine Bet-Morada
Obituary: Dr. Mooshy Sergis

  Hope For Future
Congratulations to His Grace
Love Your Magazine!
Gdeela or Gleeda?
Of All Places the Public Library

International Assyrian Scientific Conference in Moscow
Atra Project
Assyrian Community Honors Congressman Rod Blagojevich
A Seminar For Assyrian Women
AAA of Southern California Monthly Membership Meeting

  The Garden of God - My Homeland Bet-Nahrain
  Prof. Joesph Yacoub's New Book
Latest Issue of Nakosha Magazine
  Food & Drink
  Destruction of Ancient Orchards and Biblical Aramaic
  MESA 2001




The Lighthouse

The Man Behind the Assyrian Flag

Born in 1919 in Rostov, Ukraine (USSR), George Bit-Atanous's father was Havel Atanous of Yangiga, Urmi and his mother was Maria Keller, a Volga German from Ukraine. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 had consolidated its gains by the 1920s, foreign nationals were given the choice of either adopting Soviet citizenship or leaving the country. George's parents chose the latter option. In 1927 the family arrived at Bandar Anzali (Bandar Pahlavi during the Pahlavi monarchy), the main Iranian port on the Caspian Sea. There, the eight-year-old Zhora (Russian nickname for George) attended the Russian school established by Russian authorities, for the Russian technical advisors' families. Most of these worked for "Shelat," a joint-venture company formed between Iran and the Soviet Union to exploit the Caspian fish and caviar industry.

In 1936 the family moved to Iran's capital, Tehran where Zhora spent the rest of his life. He attended a government secondary school, and after graduation, continued his advanced studies, via correspondence with the University of Calcutta (India), in the field of topography and geodesy. In the meantime, he began, from scratch, to learn both the Assyrian and Persian languages. He studied with Rabi Shmuel Touma, a graduate of the American Boys' School in Urmi Qala, who survived the Genocide and was quite well versed in both Assyrian and Persian. Soon Zhora learned to read and write these languages. Together with his experienced craftsman father, they established the Geodesical and Surveying Bureau of George Bit-Atanous. As business grew, so did his interest in Assyriology. He imported an Assyrian typewriter from Germany, and started decoding and learning the cuneiform writing system. Soon he had a growing personal library in Russian, French, and English on Assyriology as well as important works such as bilingual dictionaries including that of Mar Touma Audo.

Next, after careful study of the Assyrian emblem from archeological publications, he meticulously designed the present flag with geometric dimensions, colors, and the symbols for which they stand. Following this achievement, he set about arranging to have minted some one hundred silver medals and twelve gold ones to be presented to anyone who performed a valuable service for the Assyrian cause. Via the good friendship of an Iranian friend at the government mint, he succeeded in having these medals (with ancient Assyrian motifs) all minted with precision. The first of the gold ones was presented to the late Malik Yacoub d'Malik Ismael when he visited Iran. Besides these medals, he designed scores of gold and enamel lapel pins, and cuff links, all with Assyrian logos, and had them made. He presented these to persons attending Assyrian conferences and seminars in Europe or the United States, or to those, prior to emigrating from Iran, who would stop by to bid him goodbye.

As a tribute to the late General Agha Petros, he flew to Florence, Italy to consult with an artisan who he commissioned to design a bas-relief image of the General's bust on special metal, which he then had mounted on an octagonal mahogany frame. He invited the Italian artisan to come to Tehran, spend a week, and bring ten of these items. Learning that there were two Assyrians holding political office in the United States, Zhora presented Illinois State Senator John Nimrod and US Congressman Adam Benjamin (Indiana) each with a plaque of the Agha Petros bust along with a special medal. He also sent the same to the surviving son of Agha Petros, David, who along with his family, continue to reside in Chateau Novital, France, the place donated by the French government as an Assyrian refugee site after the Genocide.

As a symbol of his esteem for the Assyrian capital of Nineveh, he ordered two tailor-made suits with the winged bull design sown on their breast pockets. He presented one to this writer, which he gladly dons on special occasions.

Whenever an Assyrian Universal Alliance representative would arrive in Tehran, there was Zhora to greet him, accommodate him in a fine hotel, and pay all expenses for the duration of his stay in Iran. There is no end to the unique human qualities and admirable character traits of the late George Bet Atanous. He was exceptionally generous, kind, compassionate and helpful to those in need or distress or who suffered an illness. He trained and helped scores of young Assyrians and helped them to find work.

Since early youth, Zhora was an outstanding sportsman. He was, among other things, a tap dancer, a skier (both water and snow), a horseman, a champion bowler as well as a boxer. Emanuel Aghassi (Tennis Player Andre Aghasi's father) was his regular visitor and friend. In recognition of his selfless dedication and contribution to the preservation of the arts, culture and history of the Assyrian heritage, in 1979 George Bit-Atanous was named "the Assyrian Man of the Year" by the Assyrian Universal Alliance.

Aside from the business which he ran, George was also employed by the government due to his unique specialization in the geodesical field. He served for some thirteen years as an industrial engineer in the Department of Labor. After years of importing and working with diverse geodesical instruments, mainly theodolites from various countries, he concluded that those made by a Hungarian firm were superior to others. However, after much examination, he noticed a minute technical problem with some instruments and reported this to the Hungarian government firm that manufactured them. At first, they were skeptical but finally invited him to Budapest for a week of meetings and discussions. The Hungarian scientists and industrialists realized he was right. In recognition of his contributions to the improvement of their instruments, George Bit Atanous was awarded official "diplomas", one from the Hungarian Ministry of Science and Industry and the other from the Ministry of Education.

In spite of his general good health and strong physique, genetically inherited diabetes began to take its toll. Even after intensive care and treatment, first his left leg had to be amputated, followed by a steady weakening of the other. His general health started to deteriorate and he was confined to a wheelchair: but he continued to work part-time. Two years ago, an Assyrian resident of Turlock, on his way to Tehran and Urmi, stopped at his office and requested George to autograph an Assyrian flag. Since his physical condition would not allow him to meet his visitor's request on the spot, he found out his hotel address, prepared the requested item and went to the hotel. The visitor could not believe his eyes when he saw Zhora, in a wheel chair, come to the hotel to deliver in person, the requested flag. Later on, the visitor learned that Zhora had even paid his hotel expenses! Such a person was this unique human being.

Besides all the foregoing selfless dedication to the Assyrian cause for over five decades, George's legacy includes a beautifully designed color book, in Persian, comprising of many pictures of ancient kinds, emblems, cuneiform writing and so forth, called A Research into the History and Legends of Ancient Ashur.

On Tuesday, 10 October 2000 at 11:30 am George closed his eyes for the last time, surrounded by his wife Ludmilla (Lucia Ossipoff) and their three children, Thomas, Maria, and Sergy (Serozha). Zhora is also survived by his sister Lila Mirzayoff. He is missed by Tehran's community which held a special memorial service by which to remember him.

The Assyrian flag designed by George Bit-Atanous in 1967, on the basis of geometric dimensions, colors and symbols from archaeological discoveries. 'ia&i~t~t (Ata D'Atur = Flag of Assyria). The symbolism of the colors is as follows: Blue for Prosperity, White for Peace, and Red for Honor.

Dr. Wilhelm Alexander Mirzayoff

[Dr. Mirzayoff's article was first printed under "George Bit-Atanouis: Biographical Obituary of a Ukrainian Born Assyrian Patriot" in the Fall 2001 issue of the Assyrian Star magazine. Dr. Mirzayoff is a retired Veterinarian and a choral vocalist, and lives in Modesto, California. Assyrian Star is the official publication of the Assyrian American National Federation and is currently published by the Beth Nahrin Assyrian Organization of Worcester, Massachusetts. To subscribe email TheAssyrianStar@aol.com. Photo courtesy of Vasili Shumonov, Ashurbanipal Library - Chicago.]

Further Reading:

The Origins and Description of the Assyrian Flag by Homer Ashurian: http://www.atour.com/education/20000602b.html

The Meaning of the Assyrian Flag by Pauline Jasim:




Courtesy of Dow Jones International News (Feb 11)

(ZNDA: Amman) Iraq's government is cleansing the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk of all but Arab residents, Damascus-based Iraqi , the Assyrian Democratic Movement and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said in a statement today. Kirkuk is an oil-rich province 240 kilometers (150 miles) north of Baghdad, just outside the autonomous region of northern Iraq.

Emanuel Khoshaba, an official with the Assyrian Democratic Movement (Zowaa), said "10 Assyrian families have been forced to move to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, since the beginning of the year."

Their deportation is the result of an Arabization campaign led by the ruling Iraqi Baath party, Khoshaba said. About 30,000 Assyrians were believed to have lived in Kirkuk before the 1991 Gulf war. Their numbers there today aren't known. According to reliable sources to Zinda Magazine many oil company workers in Kirkuk have been dismissed since the beginning of this year for adopting an Assyrian, Kurdish, or Turkoman name for their newly-born.

News Digest


Courtesy of the Orange County Register

(ZNDA: Los Angeles) The 20-year-old Roland Amrikhas Jr., threatening to commit suicide, barricaded himself in a Fountain Valley, California apartment for five hours last Friday, forcing police to evacuate more than 200 apartments and lock down four schools.

Roland Amrikhas Jr. fired more than a dozen gunshots inside his home at Sycamore Valley Apartments. He was later arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and threatening public officers and taken to Orange County Jail, police Sgt. Kevin Thomas said.

Amrikhas' neighbors milled around in the streets while SWAT team members and crisis negotiators swarmed the complex. Parents who got word of the standoff rushed to nearby schools to pick up their children early. Police Capt. Paul Sorrell said Amrikhas has a history of psychological problems and had called 911 at 10:46 Friday morning threatening to kill himself. He surrendered about 3:30 p.m.



(ZNDA: New York) According to the Syrian Orthodox Church’s Archdiocese of Eastern U.S., the Parish of St. Peter in Long Island has acquired a church building in Hicksville, New York. The church building was bought from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for Four Hundred Thousand dollars. The Parish of St. Peter is under the care of Rev. Fr. Gabriel Adde. There are as many as 20,000 Assyrians living in Belgium.

In other place, last November a magnificent 19th century church in the heart of the city of Brussels serving the Assyrian community was sold to the Society of Saint Pius X, a Roman Catholic group. The church with an area of some 25,000 square feet, was for a long time Belgium’s national shrine dedicate to Saint Joseph. The Assyrian congregation had worshipped at this church for over fifteen years.

According to the Syriac Universal Alliance, the church building in Brussels was privately owned by the late Mr.. Jean Glor who had allowed the Assyrian group in to use it freely. SUA indicates that just before his death, Mr.. Glor sold the church building for fifty million Belgian Franks or roughly 1.2 million Euros.

The Assyrian community of Brussels hired two lawyers to investigate and prevent the sale of their church. Some demonstrators were jailed for blocking the entrance to the church and later released.

The information received by Zinda Magazine indicates that the members of this congregation were not previously informed about the sale of the church in Brussels. Mr.. Glor’s son also denies any knowledge of this sale.



Courtesy of Los Angeles Times; article by Bob Howard

(ZNDA: Los Angeles) Craig Realty Group, a Newport Beach, California developer plans to remodel and expand the Citadel Outlets shopping center, a former tire factory along the Santa Ana Freeway in Southern California that looks like an Assyrian temple. CRG has six months to negotiate a deal to buy the center from the city for about $50 million.

The 147,000-square-foot outlet center, about nine miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, includes 42 stores on a site originally built as a Samson Tire & Rubber Co. plant, later operated by Uniroyal, and converted to an outlet mall 10 years ago.

Craig's plan would expand the center by 100,000 square feet, adding 18 to 23 new stores by summer 2003 and creating a new look for the interior along with a new entrance and parking layout.

The remodeling would preserve the Citadel's 22-foot-high wall, which the city designated a cultural landmark in the early 1980s, said Raymond Ramirez, assistant director of community development for Commerce. The wall, which runs a third of a mile along the freeway, features bas-relief griffins, winged genies and warriors in chariots in a design inspired by ancient Assyria.


Jan. 2, 1904 -- Feb. 2, 2002

(ZNDA: Turlock) Leontine Bet-Morada, 98, of Turlock died Saturday at Emanuel Medical Center. Mrs. Bet-Morada was a native of Salamas, Iran. She lived in Turlock for 10 years. She was a member of St. Thomas Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church.

She is survived by her children, George Bet-Morada of Iran, Victoria Nazerbekian of Los Angeles, Marguerite Jouma of Turlock and Eugenie Karama of Paris; and 10 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

A Mass was held at 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Thomas Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church. Burial was followed at Turlock Memorial Park. Whitehurst, Norton & Dias Chapel was in charge of arrangements.


May 8, 1911 -- Feb. 2, 2002

(ZNDDA: Turlock) Dr. Mooshy Sergis, 90, of Turlock died Saturday at Brandel Manor Convalescent Hospital. Dr. Sergis was a native of Urmia, Iran. He moved to San Francisco as a child, then moved to Keyes; he also lived in Stockton before moving to Turlock in 1992. He attended Turlock High School, Modesto Junior College, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at San Francisco, where he obtained his doctorate in medicine. He was a self-employed ophthalmologist; a member of the American Medical Association, California Medical Association and American Association of Ophthalmology. He was an Army veteran of World War II, serving as a physician in Egypt.

A memorial service was held at 1 p.m. Saturday at DeYoung Memorial Chapel in Stockton. Burial took place at Turlock Memorial Park. Allen Mortuary was in charge of arrangements.

Surfs Up!


"The cover photo of last week's issue was wonderful. Seeing the beautiful and innocent faces of these two youngsters has brought me joy and hope. Hope in the future of our tormented nation. May God bless all the students of St. Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School, their parents, and their teachers. May God grant all of us wisdom to stand for the truth and do His will as He fulfills His promise to the Assyrian Nation."

Maryam Pirayou


"Congratulations to H.G Bishop Mar Bawai Soro on his successful Doctorate Degree in Theology. I hope now His Grace can concentrate more on his neglected Dioceses and restore the lost and deteriorating confidence of the Church faithful. We will be waiting to reap the fruits of this Degree for the benefit of our Beloved Church, preserved over two thousand years by our Holy Forefathers, not equipped with a Doctorate Degree, but rather faith (TRUE FAITH).

1 Corinthians 13

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Once again congratulations Mar Bawai."

Sam Gevargis


"I would first like to thank you for publishing an Assyrian magazine of great quality. Further, the ten minute educational video on the Assyrians and their position in Iraq, was insightful and necessary for many to develop a base understanding of what our people are forced to deal with on a daily basis…I look forward to further insightful videos from your library..."

Tabitha Younan


"Sincere Congratulations for an exemplary job, well done, for the past SEVEN years, and a Very Happy 8th Birthday.
And best wishes for your continued success.

Under your "Pump up the volume" Febr. 4 issue, you translate ICE in Assyrian as "Glee-da" and for Refrigerator/Ice Box you say "Bet-Gleeda". Could there be a typographical error, I wonder?

According to ORAHAM'S (Alexander Joseph ORAHAM, Mic.D) Assyrian/English Dictionary, published in Chicago, Illinois in 1943, of which I bought a copy in Baghdad, Iraq in 1945, there's no such word as "GLEE-DA" in the
entire dictionary. Oraham translates the Assyrian word "GDEELA" as ICE or Frozen Water in English, and goes on to describe how the water freezes under certain temperatures.

Back to my question...was there a typo error in Zinda's reversal of the letters L and D? or do you actually have evidence to convince readers that GLEE-DA is indeed the accurate Assyrian word for Ice. Can you please elucidate this question in your next issue. If indeed GLEEDA is a new Assyrian word for Ice, this comes as a surprise to me, as I had never heard it before.

You might be interested to know that the late Dr. Oraham was born on Feb. 7, 1898 (exactly 104 years ago today), in the village of Armood-Aghadge, Urmia. He graduated in 1925 with a degree of Doctor of Microbiology (Mic.D), from
the Physicians and Surgeons College of Microbiology, in Chicago. In 1941 he established the greatest Assyrian Printing Press, The Consolidated Press, in (USA) Chicago, where his above mentioned dictionary (576 pages) was
printed. His wife, Almas, set the Assyrian type, and Oraham himself did the English Types. Incredible that such a feat was accomplished 60 years ago under the most difficult conditions!

A Professor, (I assume), by the name of M. Sprengling, of the University of Chicago, wrote an admirable "FORWARD" to the Dictionary on March 29, 1943, just as the book was being printed, and gave Dr. & Mrs. Oraham the highest
praise for this extraordinary accomplishment!

I hope you'll find the above information useful for your archives. And Oh yes, please don't forget to clarify the question of Ice!!! Thanks and best regards."

Shlimoon Youkhana

[ We are delighted to find such keen observers of our PUMP UP THE VOLUME entries among our readers. Indeed, the word for "ice" in modern Assyrian usage is GDEELA; however, the correct spelling and pronunciation remains GLEEDA. There are several such words in the Assyrian language in which the letters in the first syllable have reversed their position, perhaps to facilitate their pronunciation. Other such words include BSADEEYA (pillow) and GVEENEH (eyebrows). Today, these two words are commonly pronounced as SBADEEYA and GNEEVEH, respectively. ]


"I enjoy reading your magazine and wish you all the success. I wanted to share with you a pleasant experience I had few years back. It is about a picture that I got by chance.

I and my family live in small town in the state of North Carolina suburb of Raleigh. Some years back my daughter using the town's Library, noticed a picture that was displayed on the wall of main entrance hall of the Library. The writing on the picture stated: "You may have the GRACE to look up and out : Assyrians - A group that comes from now part of Iran, Iraq,Turkey, Syria and Lebanon - enjoy line dancing at a community benefit in Chicago."

My daughter asked the Librarian about the picture. The Librarian said that the Library displays pictures of different ethnic groups that make the population of USA. The pictures are replaced every so often to show the diversity of people from different lands and the old pictures are documented and then discarded. My daughter asked if she could have the picture for her father who is Assyian after the Library is done with it. I was very surprised when my daughter presented me with the picture and it brought tears to my eyes, and am very grateful to my new country that recognizes my ethnic origin."

Ben Shabo
North Carolina

Surfers Corner

May 10 - 11, 2002

The Editorial Board of "Melta" Bulletin and an Assyrian stirring group from Russia are organizing an International Scientific Conference titled "The Assyrians Today: Issues and Perspectives". The Conference will take place in Moscow, Russia between May 10 - 11, 2002.

The Conference program will highlight the following:

- The issues of the Assyrians in the Middle East.
- Assyrian Communities in Diaspora.
- Perspectives of development.
- The way to the rapprochement of different tribal and confessional groups.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference is inviting twelve prominent Assyrian scientists and political commentators at the Organizing Committee expenses.

Those who wish to take part in this Conference (except special guests) must send Registration Form to the Organizing Committee.

Participants are invited to submit abstracts of their reports. The abstract should not be longer than 400 words. Deadline for submission of abstracts is February 28, 2002.

Abstracts can be submitted in three ways:
1. via the Internet
2. by regular mail
3. by fax.

Submissions by electronic mail are preferred.

Please, note your audio-visual requirements:

- Overhead projector
- Slide projector
- Other requirements _________________________________________________


Last Name: _____________________ First name(s): _____________________

Title/ Profession: ____________________________________________________

Company/ Institution: ________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Postal code: ___________ City: _______________ Country: _______________

Fax: _________________________ E-mail: _____________________________

Abstract (please, do not exceed 400 words of text):

Title: _____________________________________________________________

Name(s) of author(s): ________________________________________________
Text of abstract:
Hotel accommodation:
Your accommodation will be in the hotel "Russia" (about 100 meters from the Kremlin).
Single room (per night) - 50 US$
Double room (per night) - 70 US$ (Prices include breakfast)
Reception at Conference Hall (2 days) - 20 US$.
Attendance of the Bolshoi Theatre - 50 US$.
Banquet - 50 US$.
Total amount: _______________________________________________________
Special Requests*: _____________________________________________________

Date: __________________________ Signature: _________________________

*Exclusive trips to Saint Petersburg, Vladimir (Golden Ring), and the Republic of Georgia may be organized.


The official Conference languages are English, Russian and, predominantly Assyrian. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Important date

February 28, 2002 - deadline for submission of Abstracts and Registration Forms.

The Organizing Committee Members:
- Badalov Edward
- Bar Sliva Igor
- Bidjamov Roland
- Khoshabaev-Tziklauri Nugzar
- Osipov Sargis
- Savva Arsen
- Veniaminov Walter

Address: P.O. Box 18, Moscow, 129642, Russia
Telephone: (7-095)-935-0155, -233-5387 (S.Osipov); (7-095)-131-2575 (R.Bidjamov);
(7-095)-163-9418 (E.Badalov).

Telefax: (7-095)-935-0155.
E-mail: melta@aport2000.ru

The next letter will be sent to you in the first ten-day period of March, 2002.

Coference Organizers
Melta Magazine
Moscow, Russia



Atra project, under the direction of Dr. Ashour Moradkhan, has surveyed 23 Assyrian villages in Garbia to determine their needs for new orchards. Villages surveyed are Betbedi, Kondi-cosi, Sikrini, Belijani, Davidiya, Dihee, Ainadnoonea, Doori, Betshmaiyayea, Hiyis, Derishki, Mayi, Tashish, Margajiya, Kashkava, Chagala, Khalillani, Jooli, Hayzani, Bilmandi, Rabatki, Merroki, and Bageri. The survey determined that we need to supply to the villagers, 27,600 apple, 4,500 peaches, and 3,400 almond trees.

Atra project has commenced purchasing these trees and distributing them to the villagers according to the acreage they own. We are confident that by the end of March this year this project will essentially completed.
The next step is to survey all the waterways in these villages to determine that what need to be cleaned and/or repaired.

We want to ensure that when summer is here, the villagers have adequate water supply for their new orchards.
The significance of this project is that in a matter of two to three years, these villagers will have steady income from
their orchards and will not need to either abandon their villages or depend on outside financial help.

We appeal to all Assyrians, especially the readers of Zinda Magazine to step forward and register as supporters of the Atra Project. What we are asking is a very small donation of $20.00 per month. This project is not associated with any
church or political organization. It is an Assyrian project, supported by Assyrians and for the benefit of Assyrians.
Please make your tax deductible check to the Assyrian Aid Society and mail it to

Youel A Baaba
720 Evelyn Court,
Alamo, CA 94507.
Youel A. Baaba
Atra Project
Director - U.S.


Gubernatorial Candidate for the State of Illinois

Please join the Assyrian community in honoring Congressman Rod Blagojevich, Candidate for Governor. Congressman Blagojevich has brought energy and optimism to making life better for the people of the State of Illinois. He believes strongly in the opportunities this country has to offer for everyone in order to build a better life for families and their children. This is the promise of America. Rod Blagojevich puts principles first and is willing to take a stand. His public service and his vision for the state are driven by a strong belief in the promise of American Dream.
A fundraising reception is scheduled for

Sunday, February 24, 2002
5:30 p.m.
Edens Banquet Hall (Assyrian Social Club)
6313 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 478-8808

Hors d'oeuvres and dessert will be served; cash bar.
$50.00 per ticket (minimum)

Please make checks payable to: Blagojevich for Governor

For more information, please contact:
Joseph Tamraz: (773) 383-9600; jtamraz@attbi.com <mailto:jtamraz@attbi.com>
Raymond Oshana: (773) 447-0358
Nadia E. Joseph: (773) 461-6633; nadiaejoseph@hotmail.com <mailto:nadiaejoseph@hotmail.com>




The Assyrian Ladies Bible Study Group of Los Angeles Presents:
"Blessed are you of the LORD, my daughter" (Ruth 3:10)

3 March 2002
2:00 - 6:00 PM

St. Paul Assyrian Catholic Church
13050 Vanowen Street
North Hollywood

Mrs. Florence Eshagh-Sarkis of Bet-Eil Assyrian Church in San Jose will be the guest speaker at this seminar and will focus on the Book of Ruth and its practical applications for modern Assyrian women. (Absolutely No Children)

Bet-Eil Assyrian Church
San Jose, California



All members of the Assyrian American Association of Southern California, Inc. are invited to attend the regular monthly meeting of the association to be held at the Assyrian Hall located at the 5901 Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood on May 21st, 2000, at 4 PM at which time the roll call will begin.

The agenda of the meeting will include the following:

1. Report of the activities since installation
2. Financial report
3. Programs of the Executive Board for the remainder of the year: Bingo, TV, Scouts, Sports, etc.

Member's attendance is very important to rectify the decisions made in the board meetings and the programs intended to render. Those individuals, who still have not paid their annual membership dues, may do so at this meeting. Non-members may attend in the meeting for observation and may not participate in voting, however, they may make comments upon chairman's consent.

Noray Bet Baba
AAA of Southern California




The following is a translation of Rabbie Yosip Bet-Yosip's poem in Assyrian. Rabbie Bet Yosip participated at an international congress of the world's poet where he recited this poem in Assyrian.

Land of Bet Nahrain, mother of civilization,
Man rose to glory from your cradle.
God plant his garden on your fertile soil,
From your fruit of wisdom your children became historical figures.
Your rulers enlightened multitudes of people.
Humanity's sorrow turned to gladness.

Yet your children to day are without a cradle
Their heart heavy, their festivity a funeral chant.
Ruthlessly uprooted from your bosom,
Suffering and endlessly tormented.
The hand of mercy has been stopped from reaching you;
Your voice is smothered not to be heard by caring ears

They are drying the waters flowing over your land;
Stealing the artifacts of your gifted scholars.
They take ownership of your rich treasures;
In your land no place is left untorn.
Piercing your body with poisoned weapons,
Crippling your unborn generations,

They rule with ruthless power,
Destroying the lives of those who resist them.
They proclaim to be protectors of rights
While professing the love of antiquity.
Heaving you credentials in abyss;
To be hidden forever.

Bet Nahrain - The Assyrian name for Mesopotamia
Before long had your rivers
No water left to wet your lips.
Your majestic face will begin to crack
The Garden of Satan you will be renamed.
These are the New World orders,
From the powerful to the weak.

I possess neither the strength to rescue you from their hands,
Nor to shelter you from the evil of their will.
They have befriended Khoombaba
To eradicate the Ur ~, of their father.
My only hope lies in those;
Who know the truth of your rich history.

May someday the guardians of righteousness
Rise up strong and step forward,
To rescue from destruction not only you,
But also the others they oppress.
To bring forth the age of holy peace
And shield humanity from evil.

Yosip Bet Yosip
September 2001

Khoombaba - the monster of the Epic of Gilgamesh by William Daniel
Ur - The birthplace of Abraham


Assyrian Surfing Posts


Pump Up the Volume

Food , Nutrient MEE-KHOOL-TA
Feminine Meekholta qa Paghra: Nutrient (food ) for body
Drink SHTEH - TA Feminine Cold Drink: Shte-ta Qaarirta



Au nom de Dieu (In the Name of God)
A New Book by Professor Joseph Yacoub
Publication Date: February 2002

Professor Yacoub teaches International Relations at the Catholic University in Lyon, France. He is a specialist in the study of religious minority groups. His other books include The Assyrian Question (1986), La Question Assyro-Chaldeenne, Les Puissances Europeennes et la Societe des Nations [1908-1938] 4 Volumes (1984), and Les Assyro-Chaldeens (1985).



A bomb has hit the Assyrian community. Maybe not exactly like one of those daisy-cutters dropped over Afghanistan, but one with equally destructive effects. The devastation is one that will affect generations of Assyrians, not only financially, but also in terms of self-confidence and morale.

We are, of course, speaking of Karl Suleman and his companies, in particular Karl Suleman Enterprizes (KSE). Once touted as a man who will raise the name of Assyrians to new levels, who has donated generously to Assyrians of all backgrounds, his company has instead managed to destroy thousands of Assyrians and create hatred, paranoia, mistrust and jealousy in a community that was only tenuously united to begin with.

The saga has the potential to tarnish the names of many respected community leaders. How did Assyrians of every imaginable background, from priests, doctors, lawyers, accountants and successful businessmen, to pensioners and the unemployed alike fall for what is now a clear scam of complex proportions? Our report, pieced from legal documents, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, individual anecdotes and personal experience, plus interviews with Suleman™s ex-employees, will be the first in a series looking at a case which may take years to finally unravel totally.

In a state of affairs as sensitive as this, names of some creditors and ex-employees will be protected.

Nakosha Magazine Editorial
Issue 47

In this issue: http://www.nakosha.org
· AUA - Meetings in Melbourne & Sydney
· Karl Suleman Enterprizes - The Anatomy of a scam
· Profiler - Johnny Michael
· Australian election wrap-up
· Caricature on Life - Which Assyrian holidays do you celebrate?
· The Assyrians : At home in Jerusalem and the holy land since ancient times.
· Sweet Science - Assyrian boxer Samson Bazi

Back to the Future

(885 B.C.)

A tactic employed by ancient Assyrians to submit the inhabitants of a city was to gradually cut down their fruit trees. King Tukulti-Ninurta, for example, reports that he cut down the harvest of Musku's orchards; in 866 B.C. Ashurnasirpal II cut down the orchards around Amidu (today's Amidya in Tur-Abdin), and in 851 BC King Shalmaneser cut down the orchards in the city of Gannanate in southern Bet-Nahrain (Mesopotamia).

The Destruction of Orchards in Assyrian Warfare, Steven Cole
[See Assyria 1995: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project]

(1612 A.D.)

For the first time western Bible scholars use the name "Chaldean" in reference to the Aramaic language, although no historical basis supported their view.

Les Communautes chretiennes du Bohtan, Annee Dominicaine (1885), Galland



Calendar of Events


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Dance Party




February 16

Presented by the Assyrian Athletic Club of Chicago
Entertainers:  Ogin Shmule, Fatin Shabo & the Bandoleros Band

Tickets:  $20.00 (in advance); $25.00 (at the door)

To purchase call:  Ashour Sarkis      773- 262-3210
                           Ninef Michael       847-486-1845
                           Hanny Baba         773-465-9308
                           Samier Younan     773-973-0977

March 1

"King Nabonidus, Babylonian Politics, Royal Philosophy & the Darkened Moon"
by Prof. Piotr Michalowski 

5:00 PM
Lecture Room, Warburg Institute, Woburn Square.
Warburg Institute History of Scholarship seminar. 
Contact Dr Christopher Ligota 020 7862 8949 

March 3

The Assyrian Ladies Bible Study Group of Los Angeles Presents:
"Blessed are you of the LORD, my daughter" (Ruth 3:10)

2:00 - 6:00 PM
St. Paul Assyrian Catholic Church 
13050 Vanowen Street
North Hollywood

Florence Eshagh-Sarkis of Bet-Eil Assyrian Church in San Jose will be the guest speaker at this seminar and will focus on the Book of Ruth and its practical applications for modern Assyrian women.  (Absolutely No Children)

 March 6
La Societe Canadienne des Etudes Syriaques

"Resafa-Sergiupolis:  From A Roman Desert Castle to A Christian Metropolis"
Lecturer:  Dr. Stephen Westphalen, Univeristy of Gottingen

University of Toronto
St. George Campus
8:00 PM

[Zinda Magazine is a proud Corporate Sponsor of CSSS.]

March 11-13

Clore Education Centre, British Museum. 
Ticketed event. 
Contact Department of the Ancient Near East,  British Museum
London WC1B 3DG
email: ancientneareast@thebritishmuseum.ac.uk
Fax: 020 7323 8489

March 17

Revealing Agatha Christie the archaeologist and how her discoveries in the Near East influenced her detective writing. 

The hitherto unknown interests and talents of the great crime writer are told through archaeological finds from the sites on which she worked with her husband Max Mallowan at Ur, Nineveh and Nimrud. Important objects from these sites in the Museum's collections are combined with archives, photographs, and films made by Agatha Christie herself. 

Personal memorabilia and souvenirs of travel in a more leisurely age are only some of the exhibits which range from first editions of those novels inspired by her other life to a sleeping compartment from the Orient Express, from a lethal 1930s hypodermic syringe to a priceless first millennium ivory of a man being mauled to death 

Admissions £7, Concessions £3.50

West Wing Exhibition Gallery Room 28

March 24

212th American Oriental Society Annual Meeting
"Religion and Historical Record: the Process of Forgetting Assyrian History" 
by Dr. Eden  Naby

The J. W. Marriott
5150 Westheimer Road

Visit the following website for further topics in ancient Assyrian & Near Eastern studies:  http://www.umich.edu/%7Eaos/2002/program2002.html

April 15-19
Third International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

Sponsored by Université de Paris 1
Panthon Sorbonne
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (UMR 7041) and 
the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Études (IVe section).

Purpose: To promote cooperation and information exchange between archaeologists working in the ancient Near East, from the eastern Medi-terranean to Iran and from Anatolia to Arabia, and from prehistoric times to Alexander the Great. 

Contact: Victoria de Caste, Secretariat,
email: 3icaane@mae.u-paris10.fr

May 1
La Societe Canadienne des Etudes Syriaques

"Bar-Hebraeus & His Time:  The Syriac Renaissance & the Challenge of a New Reality"
Lecturer:  Prof. Herman G.B. Teule, University of Nijmegen

University of Toronto
St. George Campus
8:00 PM

[Zinda Magazine is a proud Corporate Sponsor of CSSS.]

May 10-11

The Editorial Board of "Melta" Bulletin and a stirring group of the Assyrians of Russia decided to hold an International Scientific Conference "The Assyrians Today: Issues and Perspectives". The Conference will take place in Moscow on May 10 - 11, 2002.
The Conference program will highlight the following aspects:

- The issues of the Assyrians in the Middle East.
- Assyrian Communities in Diaspora.
- Perspectives of development.
- The way to the rapprochement of the different tribal and confessional groups.

[see Zinda Magazine's 14 January 2002 issue]

February 28, 2002 - deadline for submission of Abstracts and Registration Forms.

Address:        P.O. Box 18, Moscow, 129642, Russia
Telephone:    (7-095)-935-0155, -233-5387 (S.Osipov);  (7-095)-131-2575 (R.Bidjamov);  (7-095)-163-9418 (E.Badalov).

Telefax:         (7-095)-935-0155.
E-mail:          melta@aport2000.ru

May 21

4:00 PM
Assyrian Hall
5901 Cahuenga Blvd.
North Hollywood 

Meeting Agenda:
-Report of the activities since installation
-Financial report
-Programs of the Executive Board for the remainder of the year

May 24-26

"Identity and Institutions Among Assyrian-Iranians in the United States"
An illustrated lecture by Dr. Eden Naby-Frye
Harvard University

An examination of the patterns of departure and arrival from Iran, the discovery of an expanded Assyrian identity in a milieu that began to include refugee Assyrians from other parts of the Middle East, tied by religion but not language, to Iranian Assyrians. 

Due to special efforts exerted over the past twenty years at Harvard University and at the Ashurbanipal Library in Chicago, a record of printed materials and photographs affords an opportunity to study the issues facing the Assyrians from Iran as they settled in New York, New England, Chicago, and California.

The conference will be held at the Bethesda Hyatt Regency.  Arrangements have been made for reduced rates.  To make hotel reservations, contact Hyatt Regency Hotel directly at 1-800-233-1234 or the conference site at the following address:

Bethesda Hyatt Regency
One Bethesda Metro Center
Bethesda, MD 20814, USA
Phone  (301) 657-1234
Fax      (301) 657-6478 

July 1-4, 2002

"Ethnicity in Ancient Mesopotamia"
Leiden University
Dept of Assyriology & Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten

Registration Form:  http://www.let.leidenuniv.nl/rencontre/mailform.html 
Registration Fee:  Euro 70 by April 1, 2002

Nov 23-26


Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
2660 Woodley Road, NW

202/328-2000 phone
800/228-9290 toll free
202/234-0015 fax



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