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17 December 2004


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Tariq Aziz Seeks

Support from Vatican, Chaldean Church


This Week in Zinda
Good Morning Assyria
  Iraqi Christians to Take Role in Elections
Tariq Aziz Gets Support from Chaldean Church, Vatican
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The Shameless Bugles of the Silent Organizations
In Defense

Ashor Giwargis
Joseph Haweil

Dr. Norman Solhkhah Gallery at the Museum of the Oriental


  Enigma Emanates Sordid But Reputable Power Ivan Kakovitch
  Assyrian Christians Fight Back Rev. Ken Joseph

Good Morning Assyria

Iraqi Christians to Take Role in Elections Amidst Continuing Opposition

Courtesy of the Christian Post
15 December 2004
By Kenneth Chan

(ZNDA: Baghdad)  Campaigning in Iraq's first national elections began Wednesday under the shadow of a rampant insurgency, news agencies reported. Of the some 70 parties that have registered to take part in the 30 January elections, eight have been identified to be Christian parties.

Iraqi expatriates living in 14 countries will join in the 30 January voting to elect a 275-member assembly that will appoint a government and draft a constitution. Half a million participants are expected to vote out of the 800,000 eligible voters of more than 3 million Iraqi expatriates living in Canada, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, the UAE, and the USA.

Many Christians are hoping that Iraq will become a democratic and free secular state. However, now as Christians are only a sliver of Iraq's population after a string of church bombings in recent months prompted Christians to flee the country, church leaders fear the ongoing exodus could make it difficult for Iraq to develop into a nation that values religious pluralism and tolerance.

In recent months thousands of Christians have left Iraq with estimates ranging from 10,000 to 40,000. “Their links to Americans, often as translators, have put them under threat,” Knight Ridder News reported (see last Zinda issue).

“Some anti-U.S. Sunni Muslims warn that anyone aiding the Americans should be killed.”

As the emergence of a fundamentalist Islamic government in Iraq could lead to a complete exodus of Christians, persecution watchdog groups such as Open Doors believe this ‘power move’ kind of persecution may be motivated by politics.

“That’s really the goal of the terrorists—to drive out the Christian community which numbers about 500-thousand from Iraq, so that when they’re making a new government, they will not have any Christians to share the government with or give religious freedom,” said Open Doors’ Jerry Dykstra a few weeks after the United States formally handed sovereignty to Iraqi officials on 28 June.

In August, one Southern Baptist worker told the Baptist Press News Agency that the coordinated bombings that killed eleven people and injured dozens in Baghdad and Mosul was said to be the work of a rag-tag alliance composed of extreme Muslim “holy warriors” and that they were aimed on provoking a civil war in Iraq, creating chaos that would give the “Jihadists” an opportunity to take control.

According to the worker, extremists who had participated in the bombings on 1 August, targeted the congregations as symbols of a free Iraq and not specifically because they were Christian. The Jihadists—composed of Islamic extremists, members of the disposed dictator’s Baath Party, criminals freed by Saddam Hussein just before the fall of Baghdad, and unemployed former members of the Iraqi army and security forces—are drawn from many nations and from different sects of Islam, the worker said.

“They are temporarily united against anyone who opposes their radical Islamic-republic views. … Members of the Christian minority are being included in the anarchists’ attack against an emerging pluralistic society.”

The worker added that the creation of an Iraqi government and steps being taken toward democracy have raised the stakes for factions who want to control the country and its vast oil wealth.

“Jihadists see the present situation as an opportunity to assert universal control over Iraq, something they could never have dreamed of achieving under Saddam Hussein,” he added. “This group is opposed to every form of authority and religion but their own narrow band of Islamic belief.”

The worker also pointed out that the Jihadists not only attacked Christian churches, but also Islamic mosques. "The aim of the church bombings is strictly political, not religious, and like similar bombings that targeted mosques, they are meant to instigate sectarian and confessional strife among the one Iraqi people," he said.

Tariq Aziz Gets Support from Chaldean Church, Vatican

Courtesy of the London Sunday Telegraph
17 December 2004
Based on story by Colin Freeman

(ZNDA: London)  Saddam Hussein's former foreign minister and right-hand man, Tariq Aziz, has persuaded sympathizers in the Vatican to arrange free legal advice for his defense against war crimes.

Mr. Aziz, a practicing Christian and Chaldean by faith, who acted as foreign spokesman for the Iraqi dictator, secured the services of Italian lawyers after contacting a group of Roman Catholic priests and bishops.

He wrote to his family from jail in Baghdad, urging them to contact the Rev. Jean-Marie Benjamin, a priest who previously had brokered a meeting between Mr. Aziz and Pope John Paul II before the war last year.

Father Benjamin, who has said he is acting with the Vatican's unofficial approval, is now orchestrating religious and legal support for Mr. Aziz.

The campaign also has the backing of His Beatitude Emmanuel Delly, Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church and spiritual leader of the country's 500,000 Chaldean Christians, including Mr. Aziz.

Supporters of Mr. Aziz say he was only a diplomat, but British and American officials say his role as apologist for Saddam's regime makes him culpable.

Father Benjamin, 58, is a former executive of UNICEF, which campaigned against sanctions on Iraq. "Mr. Aziz was a friend of mine and was a diplomat, not a military man," he said.

Father Benjamin said Mr. Aziz's family contacted him last July for help with the defense. "When I talked with my bishops and superiors they said 'yes, morally you have the right to do so."

He said the lawyers will work for free because the Aziz family lacks the funds.

The Vatican, which declined to comment on the matter, encourages priests to carry out unofficial initiatives as a way of tackling sensitive diplomatic issues.

Father Benjamin received a warm letter from Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Vatican's secretary of state, thanking him for his work "building links with Iraqis and the wider Arab world."

The letter made no direct reference to the Aziz case but Father Benjamin said: "Privately, they support what we do."
Father Benjamin has assembled a team of five Italian lawyers and fellow clergymen, including a bishop, Diego Bona, the president of the Assisi-based Beato Angelico Foundation, which promotes Muslim-Christian relations.

It was as director of the foundation that Father Benjamin invited Mr. Aziz to meet the pope in February last year, prompting criticism that Rome was rolling out the red carpet for the Iraqi regime.


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Letters to the Editor

The Shameless Bugles of the Silent Organizations…
What a Pity!

Ashor Giwargis

Many calamities have befallen the Assyrian people throughout its history, during which just like all other societies with deprived ethnicities, the Assyrian national movement appeared in its beginnings under the Church leadership, then it developed when in the mid twentieth century, Assyrian organizations were established replacing the Church leadership, these of course were also criticized for their policies. However, we hadn’t heard at any time of a conduct de-passing the lines of morality towards the opposition.

Today as the circumstances are changing and with the availability to impose a dignified Assyrian existence on its own land, there appeared lately some organizations controlled by un successful groups in every manner such as (identity preservation, self existence, and self determination…) which often subjected those who opposed their policies to being treated in a cowardly fashion which in most cases reflected negatively on these organizations resulting in the people’s loss of respect and trust when the policies of the organization following such ways isn’t something to take pride in specially when the opposition corroborates the failure of such policies, while such organizations fail to respond or to explain their nationalistic strategy which is the right of every Assyrian to know about before supporting it.

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So that we may not go on because we know how busy and confused these organizations are these days with the elections “project” in Iraq, rather it’s worthy to note the immoral practices on the part of some “renegades” to national task who very un fortunately belong to the Assyrian Democratic Movement.

For some time now, some ill reputed bugles of the Assyrian Democratic Movement persisted to defame the reputation of the writers who criticize the Movement, this slander we heard many a time and indeed such behavior succeeded in silencing many.

During the same period we were personally subjected to such a behavior but we ignored them because those perpetrators aren’t at a level of education and awareness to be able to participate in any political discussions but rather all that they do is clowning around and attacking people, making themselves and the Movement which they belong to subject to the ridicule of the listener. We regret this because at the end we consider the Assyrian Democratic Movement (as an institution), one of the most important Assyrian organizations even with its current political mistakes which we hope that will be ending soon.

This shameful behavior continued for months until 2 December 2004 when we were personally exposed to this unbecoming behavior, on the part of one of the “spokespersons of the Movement” when he broke his silence during a discussion which he was un able to participate in and began to make up lies about things which had nothing to do neither with the Movement nor with politics and began to threaten us with publishing personal information, this in turn provoked the ridicule of many of the Movement’s supporters, as it also raised our pity at the Movement (Zawaa) itself.

1- These persons are the Zawaa official spokespersons
2- These persons use the plural form (we) in their threats.

Therefore, this can be considered as a behavior of the Movement itself, particularly following our letter in which we asked the Movement either to apologize or denounce these persons publicly, but what’s to be regretted is the Movement’s response that these people express their personal opinions and that we will be the responsible of every word we say regarding this. Thus, the listener and reader has to guess when does a spokesperson of Zawaa speak for himself and when does he speak for the Movement?

Then such a response either indicates that the Movement is un aware of the principles on dealing with society, or it is avoiding to admit its organized propaganda to silence those whom it was un able to silence following its adoption of the resigned policies.

Michael Ziya Joseph
Running for

Click his
photo to find out why!

What makes us wonder about those “new nationalist" who carry the title “the Movement’s spokespersons” is their misplaced bravery, for they have never published any information about the murder files of Helen Sawa, Edward Khoshaba, Sabri Sorish, Adel Markus, and others who were killed at the hands of the two Kurdish parties … neither about the files of the murder the Movement’s martyrs, Faris Mirza and Samir Moshe, whose killer is still roaming free before Zawaa center Dohuk and “Rabi Yaqu” office in Arbil.

They haven’t ever published any information about the violated lands by the Kurds in Nohadra and Arbil, as well as all the files of murders, property confiscations and defiling honor.

The support which is enjoyed by the Assyrian Democratic Movement within the Assyrian society depends on the individual understanding of the principles of national task which we have been mentioned time and again in our articles. Congratulations to the Movement for the chosen reputation whether political or moral... However, people’s dignity is not a game in the hands of those who wandered at the Movement’s door steps to cover up for their suspicious past.

Such behavior shall not deter us from writing against the Movement’s shortcomings, but what’s important is that we can prove what we say in the manner which we decide upon and we shall continue to tell the truth as we see it. Thus, the above mentioned conduct confirms the truth in our writings and we assure the Movement of our responsibility for every word which we have written and shall write.

On the other hand if the Movement decides to ignore what the “internet heroes” say (as the “Kurdistan” heroes call us) then let each of us be a hero in his own way, and let him publish his thoughts freely but with respect to the other and without surpassing any red lines, because arrogance, conceit and twisted methods are what brought the Assyrian national movement to what it is about today.

God is our witness...

In Defense

Joseph Haweil

In response to Mr. Steven Joseph of the United Kingdom’s allegations and comments on my own previous comments I would like to offer to Mr. Joseph a defense on what he has made clear in his letter.

1. Mr. Joseph states that I made a “rather pathetic defense if the patriarch’s (referring to Mar. Dinkha) stance on the whole Iraq issue, and the plight of our endangered Assyrian community there”. In my previous letter I had made no comment on the “endangered Assyrian community” and no defense of Mar Dinkha’s comments were made.

2. Secondly Mr. Joseph implies that I believe the Patriarch’s return to Iraq is not an issue of important. Never did I state it wasn’t an issue of importance.

3. Mr. Joseph says that I am a “self proclaimed defender” of the Church of the East and then demands that he has every right to voice his opinion. Mr. Joseph is a hypocrite; he demands that he has the right to an opinion but then batter my right to an opinion.

His Holiness, Mar Kh’nanya Dinkha IV and Pope John
Paul II greeting one another at Vatican

4. Mr. Joseph poses the question of, “what bearing (does the Patriarch’s achievements in Iran) have on the Patriarch’s present performance as a leader of the Church?”  Clearly and evidently the bearing is demonstrating the Patriarch’s endless commitment to his people and Church.

5. Mr. Joseph states that the patriarch should “handover his office to one of the other bishops” because of his health condition. Let me spell out the notion of being an effective leader where ever you are. Mar Dinkha is capable of leading the Church. He doesn’t have to be in Iraq to effectively lead the Church.

6. In accordance to one of Mr. Joseph’s statements, you are only able to be a leader if you are “braving all of the bombs and the life threatening situation of just living there (Iraq)”. Idiotic? Indubitably!

7. Mr. Joseph states that he is a “faithful member of the Church”. If so, as a faithful member of the Church he wouldn’t criticize Mar Dinkha. What sort of a faithful person demonstrates contempt in publicly harassing and propagating against the Church that one so called “supports”.

I have never criticised a certain Patriarch or a certain Church nor have I made comments that incite hatred, anger or disdain.  I have always called for peace and love and never the advancement of division and dislike.  In my letter dated 19 November 2004 I stated that “Zinda should be a beckon for expanding Assyrian sentiment and strengthening communities’ thoughts on issue that are important; certainly not on publishing propaganda against Mar Dinkha the Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Assyrian Church of The East … I call for all people to stop critiquing out beloved Patriarch and focus on UNITY AND FRIENDSHIP”.

Perhaps when Mr. Joseph reaches a level of personal love for the Church that I have reached at my 16 years of life he will think twice before propagating hatred and anger against the Church and for that matter any Church or person, and rather begin to speak of love and unity in these hard and horrid times that have gripped the world and in particular the Middle East.

May the remembrance of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ be with everyone. Wishing all readers of Zinda and all Assyrians around the world a very merry Christmas and a safe and peaceful New Year, 2005!

Surfer's Corner
Community Events

Dr. Norman Solhkhah Gallery at the Museum of the Oriental Institute to Open 29 January

A gallery displaying remarkable artifacts from ancient societies in a region running from northern Iraq, through what is now Turkey, and into Israel will open Saturday 29 January 2005 at the Museum of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 1155 E. 58th Street.

A focal point of the galleries will be a display of fine ivories, sculpture, architectural fragments, and an altar from Megiddo—known in the Bible as Armageddon. The artifacts were unearthed by the Oriental Institute during the most ambitious archaeological project ever mounted at the site, which today is in modern Israel. Also on display is a fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, one of the very few examples in the United States.

Like the Megiddo artifacts, most of the approximately 1000 artifacts in the 2,700 square foot gallery were excavated by the Oriental Institute, whose archaeologists did pioneering work in the Middle East and continue to be leading researchers there. The founding director of the Oriental Institute, James Henry Breasted, coined the term "fertile crescent" to describe the rich array of cultures that flourished in the region beginning with the establishment of urban civilization in southern Mesopotamia about 5000 years ago.

"Empires in the Fertile Crescent" presents a geographic arc connecting Mesopotamia to Egypt, while displaying the diverse cultures of ancient Assyria, Anatolia, and Israel. These regions were culturally distinctive, but interconnected through trade, technological exchange, and cultural borrowings in political practice, power, and religion. Much of this region was also briefly joined within the Assyrian empire.

The opening of the gallery is another milestone in the complete renovation of the museum's exhibit space as a result of the installation of state-of-the-art climate control systems to safeguard its collection of more than 150,000 artifacts. In recent years, galleries devoted to ancient Egypt, Iraq, and Iran have opened.

Geoff Emberling, director of the museum, commented: "These galleries allow visitors to follow the conquests of the Assyrian empire as it moved through the modern countries of Syria, Turkey, and Israel, and ultimately to Egypt. Yet, each of these areas had its own culture, its own history, and distinctive styles of artifacts. There are other ways the regions were connected too; trade, technology, and through imitating and adapting "foreign" styles. These are all highlighted in the display."

The exhibition is composed of three sections. The first, the Dr. Norman Solhkhah Family Assyrian Empire Gallery, examines the role of Assyria in creating a climate of internationalism through foreign policy and the military domination of the entire region. Monumental reliefs from the palace of Assyrian king Sargon II (721-705 B.C.) at Khorsabad, Iraq, show the presentation of horses and other tribute from areas as distant as central Anatolia (today's Turkey). A large clay prism, incised with detailed cuneiform texts recounting the military campaigns of his successor, king Sennacherib (704-681 B.C.), describes the further breadth of Assyrian domination including a campaign against ancient Israel.

The Henrietta Herbolsheimer M.D. Syro-Anatolian Gallery contains objects from the Hittites and their successors in central and eastern Turkey. Exhibits illustrate the economic and cultural contacts between the indigenous peoples of Anatolia and the Assyrian traders. Of special interest are the sculptures from the "Neo-Hittite" (9th century B.C.) site of Tell Tayinat, which was once the capital of an independent kingdom before being conquered and destroyed by Assyrian armies. The collection of Neo-Hittite material is the richest in the western hemisphere, and most of it has never before been exhibited. Another highlight of the gallery is a group of metal figurines of men and women from Tell Judaidah in southeast Turkey. Oriental Institute director Gil Stein commented: "Among the greatest treasures of the Oriental Institute are the Tell Judaidah figurines. These remarkable sculptures are the world's earliest known artifacts made of tin-bronze, and as such they mark the beginning of the Bronze Age—one of the most important technological and economic developments in the ancient world."

The final section of the exhibit, the Haas and Schwartz Megiddo Gallery, exhibits fine ivories, sculpture, and architectural fragments from Megiddo. The style of the carved ivories that once decorated furniture and cosmetic boxes is truly international with its fusion of Egyptian, Phoenician, and Assyrian motives. A final section of the exhibit illustrates how ancient Israel served as the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity.

The Oriental Institute is located on the campus of the University of Chicago, 1155 East 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637. Tel: 773 702 9514, web: oi.uchicago.edu. Museum hours are Tuesday, Thursday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, Wednesday, 10am-8:30pm, Sunday, noon-6pm. Closed Mondays and national holidays. Suggested donation for admission is $5 for adults, $2 for children under 12.

[Zinda:  Dr. Solhkhah is the founder of the Mesopotamian Museum in Chicago.  For more information contact Ms. Emily Teeter of the Oriental Institute at (773) 702-1062.]


Enigma Emanates Sordid But Reputable Power

Ivan Kakovitch


Altruism is an inherent and protracted feature all living creatures posses. The variations of degrees of this feature abound from parenting to camaraderie. It is the most common of behaviors, since some of the wildest and grotesque creatures in the animal kingdom perform miraculous sacrifice and benevolence for their generative breed, as an affectioned obligation by the means of purely inherent instinct.

Devotion vs. Probity

The Assyrian activists world over, no matter how devoted, are equivocal in their quest on behest of national solutions, thus, the profusion of perplexities.

No one element undertaken in the line of absolution is powerful enough for accomplishments. It is a multitude of such elements emanating from our minds and our senses combined that procreate the arena for progressive efficiency. Some of the features that might be included for success are, emotion, devotion, education, intolerance, anger, enmity, friendship, opportunism and dedication. However, it is formation of orderly features that counts most. That orderly catechism is known as discipline, dogma or a constitution.

Human Nature

Trying to mutate each other is a labor in vain. However, deriving tantalizingly to a disciplinary order or a constitution, and to alter its contents, while in the process of shuffles and reshuffles, is, further from consternation, closer to sanity, translating into an eventual achievement.

As harvested adults, by emphasizing and presenting theories, we only tarnish and alienate each other's capacity to discharge our obligations properly and diligently. We sever our historically inseparable bondage on petty and most of the times, pitiful and obsolescent subjects.

Assyria is undergoing the last vestiges of its long history. We all realize that this is the only period, perhaps left to us to broaden our efforts and to make history for our nation.

"Human history as a process expresses laws, but does not proceed independently of man; history is made by men who set the problems of progress and solve them in conformity with the historical conditions of the epoch." (G. Plekhanov.)

Rank and File

Carlyle¹ calls great men beginners. "This is a very apt description. A great man is precisely a beginner because he sees further than others and desires things more strongly than others."

At this junction one promising solution is for all of us to alter our ego by demoting ourselves to being purely beginners. And by no means this is reflected to the leaders of the political, civic or ecclesiastic entities of the present. On the contrary, all ranks in place, we must perceive to inter-communicate on the elementary -- beginners -- foundation, from and among ourselves, and not within the scope of international cognizance, no matter how minute.

Our tasks are to restructure without destroying the decaying receptacles and to eradicate the resurgent ill-fated steps by reshaping them into footholds of perpetuity on the world arena.

The mere fact that we are eagerly trying to rebuild the foundation of a nation practically from the roots, nullifying egocentricity and enunciating, an enduring phenomena of cohesively elementary platform must become a reality.

With realization that mankind is more than just a skeletal mega-structure, and is manipulated by his senses as well as by his mind, it is not inordinate for us to reverse the trend, and to render our senses as secondary to our mind. This is contrary to all human perceptions, but we are in process of the impossible, and thus, it has to be done as such.


The above paragraph was a mere gash of the power of enigma. We might not be enlightened to extent of opting for all the prerequisites, all of us, at all the times, but some of us might be able to affix some of these elements of progress in an orderly fashion, at some intervals, in making history.

But, who are we to claim and to profess making history? Even Bismarck could not envisage making history, when he said on April 16, 1869: "…We cannot make history: we must wait while it is being made…"

Well, history is in process of being made at an alarming speed. Let us keep abreast with it, in order not to be left behind.
¹Thomas Carlyle, 19th century noted British Historian and Essayist, in his 'On Heroes and Hero Worship' (1841).



The Assyrian Christians Fight Back!

Rev. Ken Joseph
The Hague

Fight Back!

Over the past months as the Baghdad Airport has been closed and I have been unable to return to Iraq so I have been engaged in what could best be termed `Shuttle Diplomacy` working with our partners throughout the world.

Amman, Frankfurt, The Hague, London, New York, Washington, Tokyo...the schedule has been crazy but we are making progress.

Meetings have been held and our strong demands conveyed to the United Nations, the Iraqi Government including the major ministers, Prime Minister, President, the European Union, Chairs of the International Relations Committee, The Foreign Relations Committee, the Armed Services Committees of each side of Congress, The Iraqi Donors Fund, The Japanese Government, The National Republican Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy, IRIF, CNN, BBC, FoxTV, ITN, The Christian Broadcasting Network and dozens of talk shows, every major Assyrian Christian organization and many, many others.

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Each meeting is simply a demand - not a request or asking a favor, but a demand that the `Five R`s` be implemented and implemented immediately.

These are:

Reconstruction, Resettlement, Regional Administration, Regional Security and Registration for elections.


The first priority now is to build coalitions with those who support us. This we can see in three main areas.

First, a joint declaration from the US and EU regarding the `Five R`s` and in particular aimed at the election.

Second, a joint declaration from the various Christian Organizations worldwide regarding the `Five R`s` and the election.

Third, a joint declaration from the various Assyrian Christian organizations regarding the `Five R`s` and in particular the election.

The groundwork has been done, the parties are in agreement - the next step is to implement and get the signatures of the parties and announce the results so that the international community, the Iraqi Government and all parties involved are served notice that if the Assyrian Christians are not treated properly and the `Five R`s` implemented the funding for Iraqi development will be stopped.

The Electoral System

In careful consultation with all the involved parties - the Iraqi Government, the United Nations, The European Union, Japan, the State Department, The National Endowment for Democracy, the National Republican Institute, IRIF we have come up with a comprehensive outline of the election and a strategy to implement our goals within the framework of the process.

It is absolutely essential to work on two fronts concerning the election. First, to oppose and do all we can to change not the date of the election but the system.

The `Proportional Representation System` of election must be changed to a `Constituent Based System`. Simply put the system currently in place by the UN is designed for an `electoral coup de etat` - to by a fraudulent electoral system turn Iraq into a moslem state.

We must oppose this on every front and with a weakened UN it is still possible to accomplish this. While the debate is on the date of the election, while our main concern must be on the process and fight strongly to see it changed. All experts agree that is is a fundamentally flawed system and not suited to bringing democratic change to Iraq.

The Electoral Procedure

In close consulate with all the relevant organizations involved a website, www.assyrianvote.com has been set up to provide all the information for registration and voting and to assist all those who need help in doing so.

Each agency involved with the election will be sending updated information directly to www.assyrianvote.com so that all the most important information information concerning the election will be in one place.

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After extensive discussions with all the parties involved in the electoral process we have come up with the basics of the election as best as can be ascertained from the parties involved keeping in mind that there has not been a final decision by the Iraqi Electoral Commission yet.

There are three main groups which to varying degrees should be allowed to vote.

First, those with any form of Iraqi Documentation. This can be an old Iraqi Passport, ID Card, ration card, local village paper or any form of documentation issued by any Iraqi government for any purpose.

Second, are those without any Iraqi Documents, but with official documents from any country that show that they were born in Iraq. This can be a Passport, immigration papers, UN Documents, birth certificate - any official document that says `born in Iraq`.

Third, are those without any documentation of their connections to Iraq. For these it is necessary to have a relative as soon as possible go to the local village, city office and request paperwork certifying that the individual is from Iraq either by birth or by parentage. While this cannot yet be confirmed official there is reason to believe this can be don’t to the third generation if family members can obtain certification from the local government that the individual has ties to Iraq.

The Election

The election will take place tentatively on June 30, but there are strong indications that it will be delayed in some form.

Those overseas will be able to vote in the capitol cities of 14 countries - essentially the European Union, Australia, The United States and Canada.

Those living overseas will be able .to vote for the national slate but not for the local slate from overseas. The voting will take place at the local office of The International Organization For Migration which has been retained by the Iraqi Election Commission to operate the election for those living overseas.

Fight Back!

While the above information is still tentative, all Assyrian Christians worldwide and in Iraq are urgently requested to immediately begin to prepare documents to be able to qualify for the election and for those without documentation immediately contact family members to apply for local government documentation and either by mail, fax or email send the document so it can be taken to the polling place for registration.

As with all elections every vote counts. Those with questions about their documentation, about where to vote and any other question relating to the election are asked to contact www.assyrianvote.com and fill out the question application so that their individual problem can be researched and an answer given as soon as possible.

Questions will be passed on to the organization concerned for a direct answer from them.

Assyrian Christies worldwide are urgently asked to pass the site www.assyrianvote.com to as many as possible so that the maximum number of Assyrian Christians can prepare their documents, successfully register and vote.

Legal Experts, Government Agencies and the media is all on standby to assist in any case of discrimination or perceived discrimination, refusal to accept documents or any problem whatsoever.

The rest is up to you!



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